St. Dafrosa of Acquapendente
January 4, Widow and Martyr.


Roman martyrology: Married to Saint Flavian; mother of Saint Bibiana and Saint Demetria. Martyred in the persecutions of Julian the Apostate. Her story is included in the Acts of Bibiana.


The wife of Fabian also a Martyr, and the mother of Saints Bibiana and Demetria, Virgin Martyrs. She was decapitated (A.D. 363) not before she was exiled as soons as his husband died and succeeded in converting to Christianity and achieved the martyrdom of a man named Faustus who pretended to her hand.

However, she was a strong, Christian woman who is well recorded in dedicated in body and soul to her family in order to gain heaven for them and herself. As if life consisted in giving it all to and through love.

She left her home in Seville to emigrate to the head of the Empire with her family in search of a better life.  Her husband Flaviano, died a martyr in Rome. Being married to a Christian she was condemned to exile. On her return, Aproniano imprisons her as he plans to re-marry her with a man named Fausto, hoping that she might re-think her faith and lifestyle helping others. But Dafrosa instructed him in the Christian faith, baptized him as he ended up dying a martyr as well. As his body was exposed to the dogs, Dafrosa retrieved him and gave him a Christian burial. This led her to martyrdom on 4 January 362 in the persecutions of Julian the Apostate


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