St. Macrina the Elder
January 14, saint.

January 14, Confessor of faith

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We know little about her except for the testimonies left form his grandsons St. Basil and Gregory of Nyssa.

Saint Macrina was trained in the faith by St. Gregory Thaumaturgis. And with her husband learned the high price of being true to their Christian beliefs. During one of the Roman persecutions of Galerius and Maximinus, Basil's grandparents were forced into hiding. They found refuge in the forest near their home and somehow they managed to escape their persecutors. They were always hungry and afraid, but they would not give up their faith; instead, they patiently waited and prayed for the persecution to end. We know thanks to St. Gregory Nazianzen, that this persecution lasted around seven years.

During another persecution, Macrina and her husband had all their property and belongings taken from them. They were left with nothing but their faith and trust in God's care for them. St. Macrina survived her husband but the exact year of each of their deaths is not recorded. It is believed that Macrina died around 340.

She is known for being Patron of widows; and invoked against poverty,


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