Aspiration of Love to Jesus Christ
My Jesus, Thou alone art sufficient for me...


Aspiration of Love to Jesus Christ


My Jesus, Thou alone art sufficient for me.

My love, do not permit me to separate myself from Thee.

When shall I be able to say,

"My God, I cannot lose Thee any more?"




Lord, who am I,

that Thou shouldst desire so much to be loved by me?

And whom shall I love, if I love not Thee, my Jesus?

Here I am, Lord; dispose of me as Thou pleasest.

Give me Thy love; I ask nothing more.

Make me all Thine before I die.




Eternal Father, for the love of Jesus Christ have pity on


My God, I wish for Thee alone, and nothing more.




O my Jesus! would that I could be entirely spent for Thee,

as Thou didst spend Thyself entirely for me!

If I had died while I was in sin,

I could no more have loved Thee;

now that I can love Thee,

I will love Thee as much as I can.

To Thee do I consecrate all the remainder of my life.

I wish only, and I wish in all things,

that which Thou dost desire.

When I see Thee for the first time, my Jesus,

may it be with a look of mercy.

May I die rather than ever offend Thee again.

Thou wilt not leave me, I will not leave Thee;

so shall our love endure in this world and in the next.




I should be too ungrateful, O my Jesus,

if I loved Thee but little, after so many graces.

Thou didst give Thyself all to me;

I give myself all to Thee.

Thou lovest those that love Thee. I love Thee;

do Thou also love me.

If I love Thee but little,

give Thou me the love Thou requirest of me.

What hast Thou not done to oblige me to love Thee?

Make me conquer all things to please Thee.

VII. Accept the love of a soul which has offended Thee so


Show me the immense good Thou art,

that I may love Thee exceedingly.

I desire to love Thee exceedingly in this life,

that I may love Thee exceedingly in the next.




I hope to love Thee for all eternity. O Eternal God!

Oh that I had always loved Thee!

Oh that I had died rather than have offended Thee!

I give Thee my will, my liberty;

dispose of me as Thou pleasest.

May my only happiness be to please Thee, O Infinite


O my God! I rejoice in that Thou art infinitely happy.




Thou art omnipotent; make me a Saint.

Thou hast sought me while I was fleeing from Thee;

Thou didst love me when I despised Thy love;

abandon me not, now that I seek Thee and love Thee.

May I this day give myself wholly to Thee.




Send me any chastisement,

but deprive me not of the power of loving Thee.

I thank Thee that Thou givest me time to love Thee.

I love Thee, my Jesus, I love Thee;

and I hope to die repeating,

"I love Thee, I love Thee."




I desire to love Thee without reserve,

and to do all that I know to be pleasing to Thee.

I love Thy good pleasure

more than all the pleasures of the world.

I accept all the troubles that may happen to me,

provided I love Thee, O my God.

O my Jesus! that I could die for Thee,

as Thou didst die for me!



Oh that I could make all men love Thee as Thou deservest!

O will of God, thou art my love.

O God of love, give me love.

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