Amoris Laetitia
This Encyclical was directed to Bishops, Priests and Deacons consecrated persons Christian married couples and all the lay faithful on love in the family and talks about the Holy Father.
Magni Nobis
On this encyclical Pope Leo XIII talks about different topics of the Catholic University of America.
Providentissimus Deus
On the Study of holy scripture, encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, November 18, 1893
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on Religious Orders in Portugal May 16, 1901 To Cardinal Netto, Patriarch of Lisbon and to the Bishops of Portugal.
Was destinated to the Hungarian People and was published on May, 1896
Inimica Vis
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII promulgated on December 8, 1892.
Diuturni Temporis
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on the Rosay, promulgated on September 5, 1898

Encyclical Of Pope Leo XIII On Catholicismn The United States, to the Archbishops and Bishops of the United States.
Sapientae Christianae
On Christians As Citizens Encyclical Of Pope Leo XIII January 10, 1890
Custodi Di Quella Fede
Encyclical on Freemasonry of Pope Leo XIII promulgated on December 8, 1892, to the Italian people.
Superiore Anno
Encyclical on the recitation of the rosary of Pope Leo XIII, promulgated on August 20, 1884
Summi Maeroris
It is one of several peace encyclicals of Pope Pius XII focusing in particular on the dangers to peace during the Holy Year. It was given at Rome, at St. Peter's on July 19, 1950, the twelfth day of his Pontificate.
Prueba 1

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