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Yes, every year.
I’ve participated a couple of times.
I’ve never participated, but I would like to.
I’m not familiar with the Corpus Christi Procession.
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Would you be interested in becoming a volunteer?
How would you rate our site?
What’s the best way to defend marriage and family?
Do you ever feel defensive about your Catholic faith?
Have you read "Spe Salvi" the latest Papal Encyclical on hope?
Are you going to vote in defense of Marriage?
Are you ever hesitant to share your Catholic faith?
Are you discerning your vocation?
How often do you pray the Rosary?
When was your last Confession?
Does your Catholic faith influence your vote?
How often do you read the Bible?
Do you buy Catholic books?
Do you volunteer in your Parish?
How often do you attend Mass?
Do you listen to Catholic radio?
How do you feed the poor?
Do you know how to pray the Rosary?
How often do you spend time on Eucharistic adoration?
How often do you pray?
Do you believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist?
How do you feel about the Olympics taking place in China?
Do you attend daily Mass?
Are you praying for the 2008 election?
Would you like to join’s prayer chain for politicians?
Do you use godly principles in your finances?
How often do you watch the Holy Mass online?
Are you going to vote in this election?
Can you name the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
Have you been to a pilgrimage?
Are you a convert to the faith?
What are you most thankful for?
In your life Advent is a time for...
In 2009 I promise to...
How much of your income do you give back to the Lord?
Are you familiar with the Church Teaching on just war?
Do you make time for daily prayer?
Would you enroll your children on Catholic school?
What was your reaction to the NBC’s ban on the Catholic pro-life commercial during the Super Bowl?
What’s your perception of the recent mainstream media coverage on the Holy Father’s reconciliation with excommunicated bishops?
What does fasting mean to you?
Will you be seeking the Mercy Sunday indulgence?
Do you pray for your priest?
Have you read the new papal encyclical “Love in Truth” (Caritas in Veritate)?
Can you explain the immaculate conception of the Blessed Mother?
Are you going to make New Year's Resolutions?
Have you sent a donation to help Haiti?
Did you go to Catholic school?
What's your status this Valentine's?
Have you made a Lent resolution?
How often do you attend spiritual exercises/retreats?
How do you view suffering?
Do you attend Mass beyond the days of obligation?
Are you taking advantage of the Divine Mercy Indulgence?
What is your favorite Marian song?
During the Corpus Christi Feast, do you participate in your parish’s Eucharistic Procession?
Are you likely to miss Mass during the summer?
Bible Trivia: Who did Saint Peter raise from the dead in Joppa?
Bible Trivia: Which two Biblical men never died?
Bible Trivia: Who did Saint Peter choose to replace Judas as the twelfth apostle?
Catechism Trivia: How many gifts of the Holy Spirit are there?
Do you pray the Stations of the Cross?
What do you practice more during Lent?
Do you fully understand the meaning of almsgiving as an important practice during Lent?
How much do you promote in your family the profound experience of Lent?
After these past weeks of Lent, How do you feel now in your perseverance to continue living fully this time preparing your soul for the Holy Week and raising on Easter?
My way of living Holy Week is to:
What do you like the most from our Holy Week special?
Let us know you better, please tell us your gender:
Let us know you better, please tell us your age:
Let us know you better, please tell us your continent:
Let us know you better, tell us which are the contents that you like the most: (Please let us know all your favorite topics)
Let us know you better, please tell us your state of life:
Let us know you better, Please tell us in which kind of apostolate, ministry or Church group are you involved:
The Year of the Faith celebration is around the corner. How are you preparing?
Do you know that every Catholic is called to respect and defend life through prayer, reflection and action?
Why must Catholics be virtuous?
Responding to the call to prayer, penance and sacrifice from Bishops, you will participate in:
Do you know how to overcome a stage of spiritual darkness?
Are you participating or will you participate in any way, in the Fortnight for Freedom?
The symbols of the World Youth Day given by Bl John Paul II are:
On which concept is based this year's Lenten message from Pope Francis?

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