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Working for God

Matthew 20: 1-16 Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time I will thank Christ for his grace and love and will try to imitate him by being generous to others.
by Fr Jose LaBoy, LC | Source:
Matthew 20: 1-16
Introductory Prayer:

Dear Jesus, I believe in you because you have revealed your plan of love to the Church. I hope in you because you are more interested in my happiness and salvation than I am. I love you because you have loved me without my deserving your love.

Lord, help me to appreciate and be grateful for your grace.

1. There Is Always an Opportunity:

One of the worst experiences is to accept that you have lost the last opportunity to do something you have always wanted to do. This can occur in any human situation: job opportunities, university acceptances, etc. In the spiritual life, on the other hand, there is always the opportunity to live only for God, the opportunity to be redeemed. There is always the possibility to start again. Why is this? It is because God has granted us our time on earth to walk towards him. Therefore, even if we fall, he continues to give us the strength to get up. That is why the sacrament of reconciliation is so important. When we lose grace, our spiritual strength, we can regain it in the sacraments, especially in confession.

2. Expecting More Than You Deserve:

Considered from a merely human point of view, this Gospels situation is an unjust one. Whoever works more should receive more than those who work less. We tend to forget, however, that in terms of the spiritual, everything is a gift. There is nothing in our nature that can demand grace. The demands of our faith are not 'favors' we do for God, but existential obligations. That is why Christ reminds us, 'When you have done all you have been commanded, say, 'We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do' (Luke 17:10).

3. The Generosity of God:
God's generosity is a manifestation of his love for us. He knows each and every person intimately and personally. He knows that the needs of some are bigger than those of others. To think that God loves some people more than others is an injustice to God. We owe love and respect to others because we are all human persons with the same dignity. We owe adoration and love to God because he is our creator and provident Father. But God owes nothing to his creatures. Everything he gives us is gratuitous and a fruit of his infinite love. It's too easy to treat God in a human way, forgetting that he is God. The most beautiful gift he gives us is his grace.

Conversation with Christ:

Dear Lord, I sometimes see things from a very human and selfish point of view. Sometimes I find myself getting angry because others may have more than I do. Help me understand that the most important thing to be truly happy in my life is to be aware of the need I have of your grace.


I will thank Christ for his grace and love and will try to imitate him by being generous to others.

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