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Jesus isn't asking you for tomorrow's hours, for they may never come. He's asking you for today's moments.
by Lorraine E. Espenhain | Source:


Right now, I am reading The Story of A Soul, which is the autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux.


Saint Therese did not want to write her memoirs, as she believed that it was more humble not to write things about oneself.   She preferred to remain hidden.   She was also concerned that having to take time out of her daily duties in order to write a book would “be a distraction” in her life from the things she was trying to focus on as a nun.  But because her Superior ordered her to write, she did so under obedience.


Finding a cheap notebook, St. Therese began to write down her memoirs during the scanty free time allowed to Carmelites by their Rule.     She then contracted tuberculosis, from which she would eventually die.     As her illness continued to progress, it became harder and harder for her to write.    She was forced to write slowly and with very large letters.   At times, she was scarcely able to hold her pen.    Several parts even had to be written in pencil because at some point she became too exhausted to dip her pen in the inkpot.


But in spite of her difficult circumstances, she finished the work - a work which is considered one of the greatest spiritual classics -  a book that has been translated into almost every well-known language.   The reading of her book has brought millions of people into the Catholic Church or back to the practice of Catholicism, which they had abandoned.


As I meditated on what God was able to accomplish through St. Therese in spite of her circumstances, I realized that what goes for her goes for all of us.


Many times, we think that we need to have a lot of time in order to do something for God.    We’ll write that article, head up that church program, study the Catechism, or do such and such for Jesus when “we have more time,” or when the circumstances are a little more agreeable in our lives.   I used to believe that unless I had five or six hours of “free time” available to me, it would be impossible for me to write articles for Jesus or study the teachings of our Faith effectively.


The truth, however, is that Situation Perfect may never come.  It certainly didn’t come for St. Therese, did it?     Like her, we have to learn how to “keep on keeping on” for Jesus in spite of our circumstances.    If I waited until all of the stressful situations in my life were eliminated and I was feeling well before I took the time to write articles for Jesus, I would have only a handful in my repertoire.   


God has given all of us certain gifts and graces.    He expects us to use them for Him.    It’s foolish to put off doing something for Jesus for a tomorrow that for us might not even come.    What God has given to us is this particular moment, and He expects us to use that moment for Him to the best of our ability.


St. Therese was sick in body, and yet, she used her moments for God, here and there, to write out a book that has changed the course of millions of peoples’ lives.


Are you making the most of your present moments for Jesus, or are you squandering them on silly, earthly things while you wait for God to bless you with more time and better circumstances which may never even come?


If you have five minutes, you have time to scribble out a “thinking of you” note to someone who may need your encouragement.    If you have 15 minutes, you have time to flip open the Bible, meditate on a verse, and learn something about the Christian faith.    


St. Therese gave God a moment here and a moment there, and look what He has done with those moments!  


If you’re waiting until you have more time to devote to prayer, study, or service to God, what you have may be the only time you’re ever going to get.     Jesus isn’t asking you for tomorrow’s hours, for they may never come.    He’s asking you for today’s moments.    He wants you to offer them up to Him so that He can use them for His glory…


…and He wants you to do so now.

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