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That They May All Be One

John 17:20-26 Thursday of the Seventh Week of Easter I will ask for forgiveness
by Fr Paul Campbell, LC | Source:
20130512_That They May All Be One_DM.jpg
John 17:20-26

Introductory Prayer:
Lord, I believe in you and all that you have revealed for our salvation. I hope in you because of your overflowing mercy. Every single act of yours on this earth demonstrated your love for us. Your ascent into heaven before the eyes of the Apostles inspires my hope of one day joining you there. I love you and wish you to be the center of my life.

Lord, heal the wounds of disunity and disharmony in my life.

1. Unity Among the Disciples:
Jesus prays for the unity of all believers. He wants us to be one, united in him and with the Father. Today we find many fractures and divisions within society. When we look around, we see so many different denominations. God does not want this division and fragmentation. He prayed that we may be one so that this oneness would be a witness to the world that Jesus was sent from the Father. If the world remains unconvinced about Christ and the Good News of salvation, the fault begins with us. How present is Christian unity in my prayers and sacrifices?

2. Disunity in the Family:
Today we also find an increasing disunity within the family. Divorce has ripped families apart and separated children from their parents. It is a rare child who is not scarred by divorce. The detrimental effect of "no fault" divorce on children is well known, yet few seem ready to challenge the assumption that a marriage should be easier to terminate than a car lease. The unity Christ wills for all families is based on his love. He is the glue to hold us together. It requires us to put others ahead of ourselves and to seek to serve. It requires a constant effort to listen and to communicate, to forgive and to let go. It is not found in the mantra of self-esteem and self-fulfillment. How ready am I to ask for or grant forgiveness? How often do I put my family ahead of my work and my own plans?

3. Interior Disharmony:
Sin corrodes love and turns us inward to look toward ourselves. We grow increasingly selfish. With the world tirelessly promoting freedom as license to do whatever we want, we become slaves to our passions. How often do we prefer to indulge our own whims and desires? How free are we to say no to sin in our life? Sin creates an interior disharmony, an interior fracture between what our conscience presents as God's will and how we are actually living. If we love God, we will obey him. Love apart from such obedience is an illusion a lie. If my relationship with Christ is not right, then all my other relationships rest on shifting sand.

Conversation with Christ:
Jesus, it is hard to forgive others. Sometimes it is hard to forgive myself. I need your strength to move me beyond the pain and struggle. I need the security of your love and your presence in my life. Help me to mend the disharmony in my life that you want me to fix. Heal the brokenness in my heart, in my home, in my family and in my Church.

I will ask for forgiveness.

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