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Nobody Can Steal From Jesus

Today I will speak to at least one person about God's infinite love and mercy.
by | Source:

John 10: 22-30

Introductory Prayer: 

Jesus, I believe you are who you say you are. Thank you for granting me this gift of faith. You came so that we, the lost sheep, may be found. Thank you. You brought us knowledge of who we are and what we are worth. 


Lord, help me to hear your voice when you are calling in the night. 

1. Kept in Suspense: 

Suspense is a state or a character of being undecided or doubtful. How many times have we been in suspense, waiting for Christ to do amazing things in our lives, doubting that he could save such lowly sinners like ourselves? Are we undecided in believing in Christ? He has already told us and shown us through his works who and what he is. We are to be his sheep and await him; sheep know their shepherd's voice, and they follow their shepherd. Then we can await eternal life. Suspense also means "to have a pleasant excitement as to a decision or an outcome." What is the outcome of life? It is true salvation, and it is eternity with the heavenly Father. Today, as in every day, we should have a "pleasant excitement" in waiting for our outcome. As we go to bed at night we should look at Christ and say, "Another day closer to heaven."

2. Spiritually Blind: 

Christ is always standing right beside us. What in our lives is blinding us from seeing him? In human terms, seeing comes through the senses. However, we need a spiritual connection with our Lord in order to see him: The spirit replaces human sight. Once that connection is made, we see God everywhere: in people, in charitable actions, in the beauty of nature. Then, we see him in ourselves. When we see Christ in us, we begin to have peace and assurance that we may yield abundantly. 

3. Yield Harvest: 

Christ's peace flows in us when we are open and begin to see the path to salvation. Think about how the water of spring rain brings forth life that yields a good harvest. We believe in living water. This living water provides us peace and harmony in Christ. It fills us and brings forth in us work accomplished in peace. Believing and abiding in Christ yield great successes, rich harvests. Let us be watered by trust and bear much fruit in the name of Christ. Come, Lord Jesus.

Conversation with Christ: 

Lord, you have called me many times. 

Many times I have turned a deaf ear to

you, not believing that you could carry 

my burdens. Help me today, Lord, to 

believe in you; help me to testify to 

you, Lord; help me to be amongst your

sheep that I may follow you. When I think

it is too hard, help me to seek you in prayer

and see what you have told me to believe, 

so that I may have eternal life in you and through you. 


Today I will speak to at least one person about God's infinite love and mercy.

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