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Invitation to Intimacy

I resolve to ask for the personal experience of Christ's love
by Fr David Daly, LC | Source:

John 18:1-19


Introductory Prayer: 

Lord Jesus, Good Friday is the day when you conquered sin by your death on the cross. You showed your mercy to be indestructible. The more the offenses thrown against you, the greater the forgiveness that came from your Sacred Heart. Thank you, Lord, for your humble, generous gift of yourself amidst such terrible suffering. I wish to accompany you closely today in your Passion. I wish to know you and to follow you more closely all the days of my life.



Lord, convince my heart that you truly died out of personal love for me.


1. The Affirmation:  

"I AM". These are the courageous words of Christ before the cohort of soldiers sent to apprehend him in the garden of Gethsemane. They are the same words that God used to describe himself to Moses on Mt. Sinai. They are the words that have been used in Christian thought to refer to the Creator of all existing things. They are words in which Christ recognises and proclaims his divinity before the soldiers. For this reason, they turned around and fell to the ground. As we meditate on Christ's Passion, let us remember his divinity. He is my God and he is my Saviour.


2. The Denial:  

"I am not." These words of Peter stand in stark contrast to the words proclaiming Christ's divinity. We could say that they represent all that is weak and fragile in man, expressed through the mouth of St. Peter. Unlike Christ in the garden, Peter stands by a warm fire and responds to a young servant girl. He denies being a follower of Christ and, in doing so, confirms his own weakness and his need for God's grace and mercy. We should identify with Peter and recognize our need for Christ's sacrifice. When "I Am Not"? When do I let my human fragility get the better of me and pull me down? What do I need to do to avoid the pitfalls in my life and be a more faithful follower of Christ?


3. Out of Love for Me: 

This Gospel scene juxtaposes Peter's denial and Christ's sentence to death. Even though Christ's death would have happened without Peter's denial, what was its effect on Our Lord? Jesus was dying for Peter and all people in order to save us from our sins. Peter's lack of faith and love did not change that. But when he turned again and believed, he recognized that Jesus had done it all for him, and from then on he proclaimed it far and wide. May the Lord help us to realize that Christ see as all of our actions and they either console him or add to the pain of so many infidelities. We need to work steadily to build a second nature within ourselves so that in moments of temptation our heart turns first to Jesus,considers the offense we might cause him and then our will kicks in to reject doing wrong and thus please Our Lord and Savior.


Conversation with Christ: 

Lord Jesus, as I contemplate your 

loving self-giving on Good Friday,

I ask you to fill my heart with a 

deeper knowledge and love of you. 

All of my infidelities and weaknesses 

contribute to what you have suffered. 

You did it out of love for me and for 

each one of my brothers and sisters. 

Thank you.



I resolve to ask for the personal experience of Christ's love today, especially when considering his passion and death.

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