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When We Show Humility and Faith, You Act, O Lord

Matthew 9:27-31 Friday of the First Week of Advent I will offer a word or gesture of encouragement to somebody in need.
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Matthew 9:27-31
Introductory Prayer:

Lord Jesus, I want to begin this prayer with the same attitude that these two blind men demonstrated. I approach you with humility and full knowledge of my sins. I do not try to hide them—you already know them through and through. Instead, I repent of them and offer you a contrite heart that longs for your healing touch of mercy.


Lord Jesus, help me to see as you see.

1. Son of David, Have Pity on Us!

Lord Jesus, these blind men sought you with attitudes of humility and contrition. They approached you fully aware of their limitations and weaknesses. In fact, it was because of these limitations that they drew near to you. Perhaps if they had been healthy they might never have moved toward you. They didn't feel any self-pity or approach you complaining about their situation. They didn't ask, "Why did you allow me to be born blind? It's not fair that I cannot see. Why did this have to happen to me?" They asked none of these questions in the face of suffering—the type of questions I am so prone to ask. Lord, please help me to be profoundly aware of my weaknesses and to draw near to you in the midst of trials. Those men who had once been blind were able to soar high with their wings of faith. What gifts of grace does Our Lord wish to grant me through my current ills and woes?

2. Do You Believe That I Can Do This?

Lord Jesus, all things were created through you. I truly believe that you can heal; I truly believe that you can cure; I truly believe that you have total power over all created realities. Please increase my faith in you and in your power over all the events and activities of my life. I believe that you permit all that happens to me for a reason. If it is something that is difficult, you permit it so that you can bring good from it. Please strengthen me so that I can collaborate with you in bringing good out of evil.

3. They Went Out and Spread Word of Him throughout the Land:

When we approach you with humility and faith, you act in our lives in truly remarkable ways. Your actions in our lives cause us to love you more and to experience within ourselves a profound gratitude. Despite your stern warning, the blind men couldn't keep silent about your curing them. How else can we show our gratitude than by telling those around us about the great things you have done for us? Your actions in our lives inspire us to spread your word. How can we put that light under a bushel basket? How can a city set on a hill be hidden? How can we not tell those around us of all the great things you have done for us?

Conversation with Christ:

Lord, your ways are not our ways. You see good where we may only see evil. I need a vision of faith so I can interpret actions and events with an attitude of confidence and gratitude. You are in charge. I trust in you and want to convince many others to confide in you as well.


I will offer a word or gesture of encouragement to somebody in need.

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