Let’s help the Body of Christ become much more holy – in just ONE YEAR!

What are YOU going to do?
by Rhonda S. Jones, PhD | Source: www.catholic.net

The Year of Faith has just begun. Let’s all make it a year of growth in holiness. Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed the Year of Faith “TO us and FOR us.” What do I mean by that?  That we are indeed the body of Christ. When one of us becomes holier, the body of Christ becomes holier. When one of us falls, the body of Christ suffers until the one repents and seeks God’s mercy.


   I was thinking about the body of Christ today after speaking with a good friend, Pamela, who is putting on a large event for families. She is asking parents to help. She believes that if every parent does one thing (that they are capable of doing) to help, everything will get done.  This is like the nose doing what it knows to do and the toes doing what they are best at.


   When I first heard about the Year of Faith, I assumed that it was about the Virtue of Faith. Recently, someone told me that it is aimed at Catechesis – learning about  “Our Faith,” (i.e. “The Faith.”)  I realized that I had made an assumption. So I inquired of a few, very-learned Catholics about the specific meaning of the Pope’s specific intention. They weren’t sure. However, several speculated that the Pope may have wanted us to really learn and understand more about OUR FAITH so that we could really grow OUR VIRTUE OF FAITH. We probably all agree that many of us need more Catechesis.


   Perhaps our Pope took into account that each person will this year from their own point on the road to holiness, and that the Pope left the interpretation of Year of Faith more open, allowing us each to be uniquely guided by the Holy Spirit.  This column, Virtue's Clues, is dedicated to virtues and will give the Virtue of Faith special focus this year.  For preparation, a brief overview of virtues will be presented soon.


20121031_EranHansen_VC.jpg   We started with the Opening of the Year of Faith, and how important it is to the Body of Christ that we EACH take this opportunity seriously and promptly. Well, yesterday I was with a dear friend, Eran Hansen, praying together with others outside a Planned Parenthood, as part of the 40 Days for Life Campaign.  She asked me, “What are you going to do for the Year of Faith? I am going to memorize the whole new Nicene Creed,” (recently reworded in English for English speaking populations). Great question Eran! I didn’t have an answer. But I will have a specific one within a day.


   Here is my question – Eran’s question – to you:  “What are YOU going to do for the Year of Faith?” I challenge you to ponder this, take it to prayer, and come up with a very specific, concrete, doable answer THIS WEEK!


Moreover, I invite you to share your answer with our readers and me by emailing me at: RhondaJonesWriter.Catholic.net@gmail.com

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