How Does a Catholic Invest Morally?

Investing, like other endeavors, demands that Catholics do not partake in the material cooperation of evil corporate activities.
by Samuel Gregg | Source:
Thus far, the Morally Responsible Investing (MRI) Channel has focused on Why a Catholic must invest morally, particularly, discussing the economic effects of inflation and how currency loses its purchasing power with time, to include, Scriptural references and Papal documents addressing the sacred obligation that Catholics have to invest morally. The focus has been on the why to invest morally and has also been hinged on several different methods to invest, with rationale, as to why investing directly in the stock of a morally responsible company can consistently outperform the traditional buy and hold mutual fund approach and/or investing directly in the major market indices.

Investing, like other endeavors, demands that Catholics avoid evil and not partake in the material cooperation of evil corporate activities, such as: corporate contributions to Planned Parenthood, the institution of domestic partner benefits, and pornography as predominant examples. Moreover, the past articles have gone into great depth discussing the substantial differences between a socially responsible approach which is rather broad, incoherent, and undefined, versus MRI, which addresses the intrinsically evil activities that are morally reprehensible.

Now the question begs, okay, how does a Catholic invest morally? Specifically, where can a Catholic go to discern the different ways to invest morally, and, what if anything has changed? Have we actually entered a new frontier of investing, which allows the Catholic to manage and control their own equity portfolio or choose a professional, who approaches investing from a moral perspective?

The focus of this article is to address a couple of overarching ways a Catholic can invest morally with subsequent articles to discuss, in detail, why a Catholic can now manage and control their own equity portfolio, what has changed and how? Where can a Catholic go to find out if their current investments are morally responsible?

Up until recently, most investors have succumbed to the traditional method of using a mutual fund to invest. Millions of investors have trillions of dollars, with a Capital T, invested in mutual funds with only a handful of mutual funds that are morally responsible. Yet, inherent to the buy and hold mutual fund approach, is the reason mutual funds were established: to pool money, diversification, and professional management. This puts the control and the management of the investment with a professional, who may not have the same convictions for investing morally as a Catholic, who has the sacred obligation to invest morally. Furthermore, the money manager could work for a larger investment firm, that perceives that MRI increases the cost; therefore, diminishes the return; due to the extra cost of conducting the morally responsible screen. Hence, the perception is that an MRI approach is unable to achieve the same returns.

This article will debunk that myth and reveal to the Catholic, that MRI will bring on a new frontier of investing, that enables the Catholic to have their investments managed professionally by a Catholic Firm or now be able manage and control their own morally responsible equity portfolio via access to technology and the utilization of online software; wherein, the whole method of investing is predicated on MRI.

With the proliferation of the internet in just over the last decade, Catholics in the U.S. now have instant access to investment data, through technological advances, such as the integration of internet browser technology, programmatic languages and database capabilities, that combine all of these capabilities with mathematics/statistics, to enable the individual investor to manage and control their own equity portfolio, while adhering to their sacred obligation to invest morally, without sacrificing performance/return on investment. provides the individual morally conscious responsible investor the means to manage and control their own MRI equity portfolio, by providing access to online software, that enables the Catholic investor to invest morally without sacrificing return, to include eliminating the requirement for the individual investor to have a particular level of investing knowledge or require a substantial time commitment in order to be able to manage and control their own MRI equity portfolio.

Moreover, Strobhar Financial, a leading force in morally responsible shareholder resolutions, is representing investors world-wide to apply pressure and show the corporate entities, that, not only do investors care about morally responsible investing; they are willing to put their money where their mouth is with action, by investing only in companies that adhere to MRI principles. Tom Strobhar, of Strobhar Financial, for the last 25 years, has been paving the morally responsible path for Catholic investors with one victory after another, but the momentum has significantly turned, with the recent tide and increases in the institution of domestic partner benefits throughout Fortune 500 companies. 

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