My Lord and My God!

John 20:24-29 Thursday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time Today during the day I will read numbers 150-152 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church about faith, so as to work to increase my faith in God.
by Fr Robert DeCesare, LC | Source:
John 20:24-29
Introductory Prayer:

Lord Jesus, thank you for the gift of faith I received with baptism. I believe all that you have revealed, though I recognize that my faith is still small. I now submerge my weak faith in your overflowing goodness and mercy, and I trust in you completely. I love you, my Lord and my God, with all my mind, heart, soul and strength.

Lord, increase my faith.

1. "I Will Not Believe."

Lord, I live in a culture where I have to know everything. If there are no facts, if I lack evidence, then I refuse to believe. At times, Lord, even with facts and evidence in front of me, I still refuse to believe. I know, Lord, that faith calls for man "to commit his entire self to God" ( Dei Verbum 5). Thomas refuses to do this when the apostles share the exciting news: "We have seen the Lord" (John 20:25). But their news does not correspond to what Thomas knows. He knows that you died. Maybe he went to the tomb on Saturday. He would have seen the guards stationed there and would have imagined that there was no way to take you from the tomb. Do I come up with convincing reasons not to believe? If I do, how can I answer better through faith?

2. "Do Not Be Unbelieving, But Believe."

Lord, Thomas looks at you in the Upper Room as you say this. I recall the words: "Everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven" (Matthew 10:32). You invite Thomas to take that step of faith: to leave behind what he knows and to accept your Resurrection. He had seen you raise Lazarus, and now you invite him to believe that you yourself are forever alive. You are God, both living and true. There in the Upper Room, you invite me, as you did Thomas, to believe that you are alive in my life. Lord, I want you to have a strong presence in my life.

3. "Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen, and Have Believed."
Lord, I cannot make it to heaven without faith. Your words to Thomas allude to what lies in store for me if I believe until death. I was not alive when you walked on the earth, but in the light of what you say to Thomas, I have all the more reason to exercise my faith and pray as Thomas did: "My Lord and my God." You desire my faith, Lord, just as you desired Thomas'. How great you are, Lord! "Faith is first and foremost a personal adherence of man to God" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 150). I want to adhere to you, my Lord and my God.

Conversation with Christ:

Lord, I believe that you want to be a great part of my life. You want to be the Lord of it. My faith is so little. Help me to increase my faith. Give it what it needs to grow.

Today during the day I will read numbers 150-152 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church about faith, so as to work to increase my faith in God.

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