Too late for a change?

Luke 16:19-31. Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time. I will pray for someone who I don't get along with, and I will be kind to win over a stranger through kindness.
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Luke 16: 19-31

Introductory Prayer:
Lord, although I cannot see you with my eyes, I believe you are present to me to me now, in my innermost being, and that you know me far better than I know myself. I also know that you love me much more than I love my own self. Thank you for loving and watching over me, though I don’t deserve your love. In return, I offer you my sorrow for my sins and my hopes to love you more each day. Dear Jesus, I come before you with the hope of knowing you better. My prayer is that in knowing you better I may fall deeper in love with you and then share this love with others, bringing them to love you just as I do.


Lord, help me to be generous and serve the needs of my neighbor.

1. Living for Self-centeredness Is Useless and Sinful:

The rich man lived in isolated luxury, absorbed in with the latest in of fashion, and the finest in dining. He did not hurt anyone. He did not run Lazarus off his property. He didn’t even mind Lazarus hanging around his table for the leftovers. He didn't criticize him for not getting a job to earn a living. Then what was the rich man's sin? He didn't treat Lazarus as a person. To him, Lazarus was simply a part of the landscape. How many people do I come in contact with, perhaps repeatedly, who are nothing more for to me than part of the landscape?

2. Suffering Helps Us Grow:

Opens Our Horizons. Our words "compassion" and "sympathy" come from Latin and Greek roots that mean to "suffer with." Our personal suffering makes us more humane and opens us up to the plight of others. Our vision becomes more perceptive of other’s hardships, and our hearts become quicker to respond compassionately. Yet suffering can be a double-edged sword, for. It can also push us into envy, hatred, bitterness and isolation if we are proud, or if we forget that God permits trials to purify our love. How have I responded to suffering in my life? Can I say that it has made me more compassionate or more bitter and self-centered?

3. There Is More to Life Than Richness:
Desire to Save Souls. Suffering also makes us more apostolic. Unfortunately for his brothers, the rich man's zeal was a "zeal come lately". Because he spent all his whole energy and fortune in avoiding suffering, he was totally absorbed in self. The meaning of his life was completely temporal, and in the end he had nothing to show for it. I believe that one of our greatest sufferings in purgatory will be the realization that we could have done so much more for the salvation of souls.

Conversation with Christ:
Lord, I have had a chance to look more seriously at myself in this meditation and to examine if my heart is set on you, if my treasure is you. Perhaps there are some areas in which I still cling to the treasures of this world. But now, during this meditation, I want to get rid of them completely. I know that my heart can only be set on only one thing, and that it will radiate forth with whatever fills it. Fill me with yourself, so that I may radiate you. Anything that is not you cripples my efforts to give you to others. Rid me of my selfishness. Make me your apostle.


I will pray for someone who I don't get along with, and I will be kind to win over a stranger through kindness.

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