Media Bias Marches On

Why are news people tickled pink about gay marriage poll results?
by Jim Fair | Source:

The media have been almost gleefully reporting the results of a recent poll that found more than half of Americans support gay marriage.

Of course, it is important to point out that given the margin of error of this particular poll by ABC News/Washington Post, the majority could, in fact, be a minority.  Nevertheless, the headlines about this poll have run along the lines of “Support for Gay Marriage Reaches a Milestone.”

That is a headline with a decidedly positive connotation.  After all, it would have been just as honest to run the headline “American Support for Authentic Marriage Dips.”

As is so often the case, the media equates the results of a poll to what is “right.”  In other words, it is time to legalize gay marriage because the “majority” supports it.

Majority rule is a just way to make decisions in many practical matters:

·         Should gas stations be allowed to stay open 24 hours?

·         Should we make Main Street a lane wider?

·         Should we build a new picnic shelter in the forest preserve?

·         Should our community observe daylight savings time?

But majority rule is not always the best way to determine right from wrong.  It can suggest action that violates our basic moral beliefs, that goes against natural law.

I’m thinking that members of the media need to spend a little less time conducting polls and a little more time on their knees in church.

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Published by: Mike
Date: 2011-04-05 13:23:58
Mr. Fair, So true! Mike

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