CBS Showing Some Courage

Maybe the television folks will disappoint the radical feminists.
by Jim Fair | Source:

The Women’s Media Center and more than 30 liberal, pro-abortion groups are pressuring CBS to pull a “controversial” ad that is scheduled to run during the Super Bowl.  So far, CBS is holding its ground and for that should be commended.  But the radical feminists are trembling with fear and rage.

So…what is this terrifying, threatening, controversial ad about?  Well, while we have not yet seen it, the ad reportedly features star college quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother.  Now, there is a scary pair.  Tebow is the guy who paints Bible verses under his eyes during football games and has pledged to wait until he is married to have sex.

If that isn’t terrifying enough for the radical feminists, it seems the ad will mention that Tim’s mom was seriously ill when pregnant with him and was advised by doctors to have an abortion.  She rejected the advice because she believed in doing everything possible to preserve the life of her baby.  And, obviously, the baby grew up to become a college football hero and all-around good guy.

I know, you are thinking that it is a great story.  But if that’s what you think, you obviously are not a radical, pro-abortion feminist and just don’t “get it.”

I expect the radical feminists are concerned about the impact of the ad.  Maybe it will cause large numbers of women not to have abortions.  Their non-aborted babies might then grow up to be productive, tax-paying citizens.  Sure, they could grow up to be lazy bums, but we’ll never know if they don’t a chance to live.  But imagine the impact on society of herds of children running around in the knowledge that their mothers preferred to give them life rather than death.

Maybe the ad will cause armies of young people to postpone sex until marriage.  While this might cause economic loss for Planned Parenthood and people who treat sexually transmitted diseases, I think it would overall be a positive for society.

Even more upsetting to the liberal worriers, the ad could start a trend.  Next thing you’ll have people advertising the benefits of chastity, marriage, Christianity and all sorts of controversial topics.  And I think CBS should allow ads on all these topics.

Of course, CBS will get paid millions for running the ad.  But I really don’t mind them making a buck while doing the right thing.  Maybe it will help move us to a day when the choice of a mother not to abort a baby is nothing remarkable.

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