The Vocation Feeling

When a thing comes to you that it makes you ask yourself about a vocation and you feel something inside you, what exactly do you feel? Whats that feeling like?
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Dear Fr Anthony,

I feel that I have vocation, since a lot of things happened to me that make me ask myself if I have one. I already talked about this with my spiritual director, but even though I continue asking myself about the vocation, I’m very closed to the community I know. I think that God is calling me but I don’t know what to do. My parents won’t let me try the candidacy. When a “thing” comes to you that it makes you ask yourself about a vocation and you feel something inside you, what exactly do you feel? What’s that feeling like?

- Melinda

Answer: Dear Melinda,

It is good that you have a spiritual director, and I think he is going to be able to answer your question more concretely than I ever could. Does he think you may have a vocation? If he does, you have two things to do. First, you have to speak frankly with your parents about this, try to get to the bottom of their opposition, and ultimately decide if they have a point or not. It would not be good to decide against a vocation just because of their pressure, just like it would not be good to follow a vocation because of their pressure if your parents were pushing you in that direction. The vocation decision has to be made with your head and your heart.

You ask about the feelings you have, and it seems that you are trying to sort out if you have a vocation by comparing what you feel to what "people who have a vocation" feel. That is not the way to go. If you have an interest in the consecrated life you should examine your motivations, check and see if you have the qualities, with the help of your spiritual director make sure you have no impediments, remove any obstacles that might be there (such as debts, etc.), and visit the community you are interested in so as to get their advice.

God bless.

- Fr Anthony

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