Father Stan's "School of the Eucharist"

A rap about the Real Presence.
by Catholic.net Staff Writer | Source: Catholic.net

School of the Eucharist

©2003 fr. stan fortuna, cfr


at this school when i sit
even just a little bit
i get hit with the power
that made the veil in the temple split
when i submit
fall on the floor and adore
can’t get enough
got to come back for sa-more
every prostitute and sinner
every fool and hypocrite
can benefit in this school
repent and commit
as the incense rises up
in adoration of the throne
somethin happens
to my wounded heart
from all the love revealed and shown
bright light Shekina
comes to my aid to assist
to change and sustain
the way i think and exist
to feel the bliss because my name
is in the book of life’s list
that’s what happens when you sit
in the school of the Eucharist


verse 1

be fertile and multiply
progenerate procreate
yet we frustrate the divine plan
it will only illustrate the disaster
of bein consumed
by consumer culture
recover sanctity
when spouses copulate
this is somethin that the culture can facilitate
instead they want to make big money so they desecrate
they press audiovisual triple x
vulgarity and violence
they dominate
that’s what they celebrate
thug wannabe’s or actuals
that’s what they emulate
and they mutilate each other
bad feelins like nas missin his mother
dre’s brother biggie and 2 pac
bonds stocks and glocks
need new buildin blocks
penitentiary and terror cells
the whole wide world
is under those locks
incarcerate and conversate
with a cultural inmate
the new prison no vision
don’t got the inner strength to tolerate
the pains we feelin
unless you eat the flesh and drink the blood you got no life within you
that means you dead
don’t matter the size of your venue
or how many records you sell
gehenna forces burnin
in this cultural hell
bond with your homies
with a mad rodman-iverson-type of tattoo
this battle still commin straight at you
don’t matter the size of your iq
ain’t no human mind that can
mastermind the breakthrough
give-me give-me takin greedy takin
not receivin deadly fruit of not believin
it’s a hard teachin John 6:66
some were badly shaken
it’s time to stop fakin before we be rudely awakened

verse 2

deadly cultural wound
who can stop the bleedin
with every beat of its heart
the culture is fallin apart
cultural remedy must pass through Gethsemane
all intellectual tryin
without dyin to self
perpetuates the attitude
“i’ll do it myself”
militant fanatics
with bodacious martyrdom
suicide bombers
we can’t stop ‘em we part of ‘em
it’s all over broadcast on tv
cnn radio am and fm
what a way to start
the new millennium
homeland security?
not without a renewed sense of purity
we got a big multicultural
international problem
everybody claims
a piece of father Abraham
deadly disputes
over the Promised Land
o little town of Bethlehem
it’s perpetual - need more adoration 24/7
destination heaven
illumines September eleven
it’s the Lord blessin
yeah 50 you lyrically inclined
get with it bro
you do got to shine and you can
if God is really the seamstress
that taylor fitted your pain
don’t be another statistic
you patiently waited for your fame
don’t forget you got scriptures
in your brain
then spit at the cultural nitwit
get with it and live it you ain’t bitter and you ain’t a quitter
here's a dollar’s worth of wisdom don’t be fooled by the glitter
even coach jackson can’t deal
with this kinda action
like he tried with l.a. ego bustin zen
made those prima donnas champions
even madonna with her yogi guru
remember the old school
eatin pork rinds and yoohoo?
every now and then
tryin to bust out of those chains
sometimes you think they gone
and even friends try to do you
there’s a cultural demonic possession
we ain’t learnin our lesson
when will it end?
wasn’t biggie 2 pac’s friend?
east coast west coast
this greed-infested rivalry
is a dead end
it’s time to stop fakin
before we all be rudely awakened

verse 3

nas God’s son cd
so hard to see confusion
even got a good song to the youth
no curses in the verses miracle
i knew he could do in a couple tracks later he’s back offendin
what’s up what that?
is he pretendin?
or does he really care
about the mixed message he sendin?
hookin up with white boy
producin you
seducin you to speculate about
what if the Virgin Mary
had an abortion
yo proceed with caution
you messin
with the Mother of the real God’s Son
keep walkin that road son
and your chances of salvation
could dwindle down to none
whose gonna take the lead
and deliver the fatal blow?
rumor has it emminem
gonna change the vibe of his flow
hope so - curtain commin down
on the marshall matthers show?
can’t market me i’m too positively
dramatic plus i’m Catholic
my rhymes are just right
for these times
they theological
relationship with daddy
for most is just biological
too many young men got to pretend
even with big success
too much stress
the conclusion is deadly and logical growin without knowin
the joy of a boy
the problem is deep
why can’t we see through this tragedy
this heartfelt sincerity
combined with blasphemy
is the deception of the cultural blows that’s blastin me
you might not agree
space shuttle columbia debris
sprayin all over the country
just like that
who could foresee
wake up call
same kind of destruction
goin on inside of you and me
terror already busted up the skyway
everybody like sinatra
singin “i’ll do it my way”
cultural subluxation no chiropractor can adjust this vertebrae
only divine mercy can heal
the culture anyway
come on - it’s time to stop fakin before we all be rudely awakened.


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