It Is a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life - one day at the time, we change the lives of people around us whether we realize it or not.
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It’s a Wonderful Life
is one of the most successful box-office failures of all time.

All across America, people will watch the movie during the Christmas season. It is popular with people of faith, people looking for faith and people determined not to have faith.

But when director Frank Capra’s masterpiece hit theaters in 1946, it hit with a thud. People thought it was strange and moralizing. It wasn’t much of a success.

Later, it showed up on television, captured the imagination of several generations and became one of the most popular and lauded films in history. Why? Because it reaffirms the value of life and the difference just one person can make.

George Bailey is nobody special. He works in the savings and loan, raises a family in a broken-down house and watches friends and relatives become rich and famous. When financial disaster strikes, he questions whether it would make any difference if he had never lived.

That’s a thought many people have from time to time. But unlike the rest of us, thanks to the intervention of a friendly angel, George learns the difference his life has made. George finds out that despite not having achieved the material success the world honors, he had helped an entire town of people and won their love and respect. He didn’t do it be dramatic acts, but by little things day after day.

No, George is nobody special, just a guy like any of us. But he changed the lives of everyone he touched – and so do we. We do it one day at a time, just putting one foot after another and moving along.

We touch everyone we meet, we help people in the work we do, we raise the next generation of humanity. Each one of us has a role, assigned by God.

George Bailey was blessed to see his role, to understand the difference he made. For the rest of us, we won’t know in this lifetime. We have to take the value of what we do on faith.

But I’ll be watching It’s a Wonder Life something over the holidays. I may not be George Bailey, but I know I make a difference.

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