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Taking Christian Moviegoers’ Dollars for Granted

The movie National Treasure, Book of Secrets demises marriage and family values.
by Jim Fair | Source:
I liked the movie National Treasure, Book of Secrets.

The film takes off where the first Treasure movie ended and the mystery, action and excitement just keeps going. It is a nice formula: there is tension throughout, but in the end the good guys win and the bad guys lose. If you liked the first movie you will love the second one.

There is patriotism and love of family. The hero gets the girl…but there is one thing about that part of the story that bothered me.

OK…this isn’t really a review, but a narrow complaint. I say narrow, because I liked the film so much, but this one little thing bothered me. And I know the fact that it bothers me will mark me in some minds as prudish and old-fashioned, if not just downright unrealistic. So be it.

Here is my problem. The hero and heroine fell in love in the first movie, bought a huge mansion and moved in together to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, they didn’t get married before doing so and have broken up by the start of movie two.

I assume they didn’t get married because living together is what modern people do (at least in Hollywood). And I suppose they broke up because that is what modern people do (at least in Hollywood). Maybe these circumstances are designed to add tension to the movie? I just found them annoying. And it added a problematic theme to the movie, which I was watching with my wife and our 16-year-old daughter.

No, I’m not suggesting my daughter is so sheltered that she doesn’t know unmarried people live together and it sometimes (actually… very often) doesn’t work out. But it would have been a nice message to send the world had the hero and heroine been happily married and been able to save western civilization while in a state of wedded bliss rather than rekindled adolescent hormones.

Do Your Part
Film producers after Christian moviegoers’ dollars need to be supportive of Christian values. But they won’t as long as people like you and I keep buying their secular messages. As Christians we can make an impact on mass media by being more selective of our consumption choices. We need to place a market demand for films, TV shows, music, and the like that support Christian values. So think twice before choosing the next thing you are going to watch or listen to. Also be proactive in writing to media outlets to let them know how unhappy you are with programming that is against Christian values, or how happy you are with productions that reinforce dignity of human life, support family, promote Christianity, etc. You can make an impact. Do your part.

In response to this disappointing element of the film, I’m going to get out my collection of Thin Man movies. On these funny, fast-paced mystery comedies from the 1930s star William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles, these manage to solve mysteries while remaining steadfastly faithful and raising a family. It is still possible to have film heroes without demising marriage and family values.

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