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Motherhood and Sacrifice

Mothers have the vocation to live out a hidden heroism that constructs the civilization of love.
by Amelie Torre | Source:
It is always heartening to read stories of mothers who have willingly accepted the challenges of motherhood, which always implies great joys as well. How many mothers have decided to keep their children although they have been advised to abort, even if their lives were in danger? And how many children have grown and thrived under the love and care of such mothers, overcoming both physical and spiritual defects? These stories do not make headlines but they are quietly building up society. These mothers are living out a hidden heroism that is constructing a civilization of love, which accepts and nurtures all human life.

To become a mother automatically implies sacrifice, but it is there that she finds her greatest joy and fulfillment. A mother who has to forego everything else to nurse her children or to care for them when they are ill does not consider this really special in any way; she is simply living out her vocation to be a mother. But on today’s society, when mothers are capable of killing their children in the womb for their own convenience, the kind of daily, hidden sacrifice it takes to be a real mother needs to be recognized and appreciated more.

Mothers need to know they are appreciated and they need support in caring for their children. They need to feel free to disagree especially with what the medical establishment sometimes dictates as to what is best for their children, from the very beginning of their lives onward. There were two mothers with their sons in the hospital, and one of them was very worried about the procedures being used with her son which were causing a lot of discomfort and pain. One mother encouraged the other, saying, “You’re his mother. You should just tell the nurses and doctors what you think. You’re entitled to your opinion.” So this mother took a stand and her child recovered more quickly. Too often nowadays doctors advise women to abort when their child is really capable of survival. And in the case above, there are some things that medicine alone can do, and other things that mothers alone can do. There is a special intuition and knowledge of the person which only a mother has that needs to be taken into account.

The hidden care and toil of a mother cannot be overshadowed by the incredible push to succeed in the workplace. Even there a mother cannot help but be what she is. Wherever she is called to nurture and promote life, to care for others no matter what the cost. Even in the office a mother is called to promote life, to take others into account, to work for the common good and not for her own advantage alone. This pouring out of self is what builds society in the home and the workplace. It is the contribution that the feminine genius needs to make in order to make society more human.

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