Last Option for Life

The answer is Christ. He is beyond politics.
by Good News Staff Writer | Source: Good News

 Good news for 2009. There´s no need to worry—that’s if you were worried about a new “Freedom of Choice Act” come February. Though both democrats and republicans agree that abortions should be rarer the Freedom of Choice Act seems to say, “It’s a hopeless case, let just make sure it’s always available.” Although it’s a defeat for the life-lovers, it’s certainly not the end of the life issue. For Christians the road doesn´t end with politics. It never has.

 Since the Enlightenment, many political theorists ignored divine providence in human affairs. They tried to predict the rise and fall of values and nations as an inevitable world development. Marx thought money made the world go round; Nietzsche thought it was spun by those with the will to power; Hegel said the planet would be governed by an absolute state. God (if there ever was one) had in some way lost control of the world he set in motion and so our destiny rested on either power or fate. For them, life was run by politics and politics was godless. But their story is old and over now. Marx´s class rule never came about, Hegel´s absolute state was as short lived as totalitarianism, and those who put their faith in the will to power have ended up in international courts or on a terrorist wanted-list. Today, it seems that creating options will lead us to our destiny of freedom. But is the Freedom of Choice Act offering the best option? 

 Fortunately, Christ is beyond politics. The Christmas story reminds us of that. Shortly after his birth politics turned against him when Herod sent his soldiers to round up the newborns in Bethlehem. But no army or soldiery could stop God´s redemptive plan, no matter how weak or fragile it may have seemed. Christ, in fact, outlived his adversary and returned to the Promised Land after Herod passed away.

 God continues to have a hand in human affairs. But that flight to Egypt reminds us that we do too. Mary and Joseph didn´t wait around for an escort or caravan. They made the decision and the sacrifice to protect life, even if it meant leaving behind all they had.They were people of prayer and trust in God. They didn´t let politics dash their hopes. But they were also daring people of action. 

 There´s a lot to be done in ´09 to build the culture of life.  Like Mary and Joseph it’s important to have a plan. But does our plan have space for Providence?   

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