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Join and take on the apostolic mission to proclaim the Kingdom of God.
by Rosalia Tenorio | Source: is dedicated to the proclamation of the Kingdom of God online. This apostolate is made possible by the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the invaluable work of its volunteers, and the generosity of its donors. To make a secure donation online visit:

Thanks to Our Lord’s providence and the generosity of our donors, now offers two online prayer services meant to build the Kingdom of God through the internet:

Adopt a Priest: Our priests need our prayerful support of their ministry. invites you to join our community and "Adopt a Priest". Help our priests in whichever way you can, as the Holy Spirit leads you: Lift them up to the Lord in prayer, offer sacrifices for them, ask Our Lord Jesus Christ to give our priests the fortitude and the perseverance to stand firm in their redemptory mission. Adopt a priest now! (

Prayer Chain for Politicians: invites you to join our community and “Elect a Political Leader to Heaven.” You will take on the responsibility of praying daily for political leader assigned to you. Our political leaders need our prayers in order to govern with justice, defending the dignity of human life and the common good. You can also sign up your local political leaders, join now! (

These services were made possible by the generosity of users like you. We hope in the Lord that you will join us on our prayer crusade and also support us financially. We need you to share of the abundance God has provided you with so that we can keep evangelizing our users and proclaim the Kingdom of God online to even more people, as many as Our Lord assign to us. is a non-profit 501 C (3) organization, click here to make your tax-deductible gift, or visit:

In the attempt to bring our youth closer to Our Lord, we need your financial support to launch a social network for Catholics. As everything else in this will be an entirely free of charge service, which we will promote specially among the youth. It is crucial that we provide our youngsters with a tool for them to fellowship with faithful Catholics so that they can grow in faith and in the knowledge of Our Lord (Romans 10: 13-15). We aim to provide a service free of all the negative messages our children are bombarded with when accessing secular social network services (2 Corinthians 6:14; Psalm 1:1).

Millions of young boys and girls don’t know God and are trapped in materialism, sex and addictions. They don’t know their lives’ mission and live each day without a reason. They are empty and nobody but Christ alone is able to fill the void they feel. But how are they to believe if none proclaims the Kingdom of God to them? (Romans 10: 13-15, Luke 9: 1-6). This is exactly why we want to create an online alternative to our youngsters for them to fall in love with God, as you have. Please help us:

We are posing a challenge to our users: Would you be willing to refrain from spending U$ 10.00 dollars this month on a cup of coffee and donut and donate that money to so that we can build a genuinely Catholic social network for our youth? Please prayerfully consider we need your help to proclaim the Kingdom of God online. If so, click here to send your gift:

On a final note, our social network, Catholic Net, was initially thought for the youth, but we all should take advantage of it to get to know each other better, to communicate with friends and family members who live away (or near), and most specially to fellowship with all the godly people who belong to the Community. We plan to make a chat room available as well so we can chat about our Lord and the Church (1 Thessalonians 5: 11; Hebrews 10:24; 1 John 1:3). Join us, we need your support. Be part of our mission to proclaim the Kingdom of God online. Donate now:

God bless you and thank you for all your prayers. Our Lord will repay your generosity tenfold.

In Christ,

Rosalia Tenorio Manager



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Join the new media evangelization. Your tax-deductible gift allows to build a culture of life in our nation and throughout the world. Please help us promote the Church's new evangelization by donating to right now. God bless you for your generosity.




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