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Television Worth Watching
Jim Fair on the Holy Father’s Visit to the US.

From Critic to Collaborator
Why are the media helping to build a bridge to who knows where?

Next Time, Go Fishing
Where were the media critics when the nation was spending millions to swear in a politician?

‘Death Knell for Catholic Radio’
Fairness Doctrine and ‘Localism’ worry Catholic radio stations.

Bland Best Bubbly
The Pope isn't trying to win a popularity contest

When Less Isn't More
A clear prediction of the worst television show of 2009.

A Challenge for News Anchors
You can say Merry can.

Stop Promoting Gay Marriage
Newsweek Magazine has lost its grip on reality.

Separation Anxiety
This is the season for being a public Christian.

A Woman's Choice
What stuff does a woman need to be an abortion provider?

Death of a Fantasy
News media claim what they never earned.

The End Is Near
The campaign commercials are going...going....gone!

The Media Define Life
It apparently is within a reporter's pay grade to decide when a baby is a baby.

News Flash: Governors Give Speeches!
It not unusual for a governor to talk...even to religious people.

Signs of the Times
Campaign yard signs are sprouting all over the neighborhood.

Ask the Candidates
Maybe the moderators ought to focus more on history and less on speculation.

Mixing Heart and Brains
The news media need to get beyond intentions to results.

Multi-tasking media mania
There really are only so many things you can do at once.

Thanks for an end to conventions
An analysis of what the candidates stand for would be nice

Catholic Credentials
Calling yourself Catholic doesn't make you a Catholic.

Lasting Olympic Images
Olympic pictures really are worth a thousand words.

The Media Misses the Real Olympics
Reporters need the courage to tell the truth -- or go home.

Follow the Money
The major news media missed the Edward's disaster.

Most Popular Hero
We need power greater than ourselves that comes in the form of faith in God.

What Are Your Kids Watching?
Chances are your kids receive more messages from the mass media than they do from you.

The Media’s Missing Headline
Pope Paul VI was right: visionary leader predicted moral consequences of birth control.

Another “Economic Stimulus Package”
Nothing that makes our lives truly happy or meaningful has been taken away in the economic crisis.

Just Show the Movie
A a movie dream.

The Media Background
Reflecting on how American politicians treat religion on their campaigns.

Judge Your Company Carefully
Reflecting on the problems the two presidential candidates are having with their “religious” friends.

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