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Missed Messages
In the amazing events of the past week there is great evidence of hope

Media, Youth, and the Good News
Evangelizing through the media.

Less Is More
Sometimes you have to ignore the traditional media and go straight to the source.

Call It What It Is
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

Media Bias Marches On
Why are news people tickled pink about gay marriage poll results?

Journalism 101
Get off the phone and go to confession...

Changing world of media
Yes, even the New York Times can fade away.

Unfair and Unbalanced
The mighty of the media forget that there is a good reason for oppostion to abortion.

Television and the World Cup
Could all that flopping cause soccer to flop on TV?

If Oprah Calls, Should I Answer?
Cheryl Dickow explores discerning "gray" areas of everyday living.

We Have to Do Better
A successful television show should not depend on public humiliation.

A Download You Can Believe In
You can get your children excited about the Stations of the Cross.

Too Much Information
Could I please just enjoy the skating?

The Descent of Humor
It is time for Super Bowl advertisers to grow up.

CBS Showing Some Courage
Maybe the television folks will disappoint the radical feminists.

Sarah Silverman's Modest Proposal for the Pope...
...And what I propose for Sarah.

Prayer Isn't News
Sad to say, the media are not impressed by simple acts of faith.

Render unto Caesar?
There are some decisions best not made by the government.

Escape from Reality
Michael Jackson didn't really have a funeral -- at least not at the Staples Center

The Media's Stem Cell Confusion
The confusion is especially likely for those who get their news from broadcast media, which are always looking for the shortest possible way to identify an issue. In a case like the stem cell research debate, one word is key: embryonic.

Debunking The Da Vinci Code
Carl Olson and Sandra Miesel provide the definitive debunking of a book that might not have a single fact that is true within it.

Family Forum: Email at Its Best
In a world of roughly 6.3 billion people, that amounts to at least 170 messages a year for every human being on the planet. And the vast majority don't even have computers yet.

Random Thoughts
Isn’t it odd that Catholic pacifists, given a choice of two candidates who both say they will prosecute the war on terror to the full, would intervene on behalf of the candidate with a consistent anti-life record?

Killing Isn't Always a Crime
Wouldn't an enterprising news hound want to know why?

The Da Vinci Hoax: Mary Magdalene
The real Mary Magdalene is a far cry from the mythological feminist martyr found in The Da Vinci Code.

Da Vinci vs. Left Behind
Mark Shea discusses the historic lies that keep arising about the Church.

I Am Because I Am
The media have strange requirements for a Catholic.

God No Longer Dead
Christian America thriving.

The Pope Rejects Popularity
The Holy Father won't endorse condoms to get a boost in the polls.

The Sad Media View of Family Costs
Tough economic times generate unexpected reporting.

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