Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

"God Is with You"
I will pray a "Hail Mary", asking Mary for help in being faithful

There's No Shepherd like the Good Shepherd
I will have confidence in my Good Shepherd's

The Paralytic Versus the Pharisees
I will look for solutions to the problems

Prepare the Way of the Lord!
I will offer up three simple invocations

Holiness Is Just a "Yes" Away!
I will take a moment to encourage another person to strive for holiness

When We Show Humility and Faith, You Act, O Lord
I will offer a word or gesture of encouragement to somebody

I will do one external act of witness to the faith

Jesus is the Bread of Life
I will thank him for the gift of himself in the Eucharist

God's Ways
I will open my heart more widely to God's plan

Faith that Moves Rain Clouds
I will make a simple act of faith in Christ

Make Ready, the Lord is Coming
I will begin some form of daily Advent reminder

Ready or Not?
I will pray today for the soul in purgatory

A Decisive Response
I will give up something today

Scary Times
I will make a fresh effort to get rid of the biggest vice

Costly Catholicism
I will use a line of Christ's wisdom from the Gospel

Why So Glum?
I will make a small sacrifice

The Richest Gift
I will make a list of all that I can do for Jesus this week

A Question of Kingdoms
This week I will reject all internal judgments

Christ Is the Answer
Today I will look on all things as if God was speaking to me

God's House Is Holy
I will live the Mass this Sunday

Build Your Life on the Rock That Is Christ
I will start a constant prayer life by praying the Rosary

Kings and Gold Coins
I will practice patience with someone who annoys me

Jesus Is My Guest
I will make a point to go to confession

Seeing with Faith
I will pray three Our Fathers for an increase of faith

Towards Heaven
I will live this day with special intensity

Pray With Faith
Throughout the day, I will dedicate myself to small invocations and prayers

Living My Encounter with Christ
I will give priority to my relationship with Christ

The Kingdom Within
I will dedicate a longer and calmer time to examine my conscience

The Highest of All Prayers
I will make a visit to the Eucharist today

The Right of Gratitude
I will pray for the grace to show gratitude to God

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