Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

The Real Christ
Dear Lord, open my soul to embrace the real you, the Christ of the cross, of sacrifice and self-giving

Yes or No
I will start today by seeking to patch up any relationship

A Clean Heart
I will promote the virtue of purity in my personal life and set a good example

Keep Your Words Short and Sweet
Today I will do three hidden acts of charity

Cancelling or Fulfilling - Emptiness or Plenitude
Today I will take a few moments to reflect upon the Ten Commandments.

True Leadership
Today I will speak to someone about Jesus.

Blessed Are You
I will get myself back on track to true happiness by getting to the sacrament of confession this week

From Death to Life
I will spend at least five minutes examining my conscience today.

Blessed is She Who Believed
I will ask Mary to shape all Christian virtues in me by my daily prayer.

A Shepherd's Loving Heart
I will search for a lost sheep and encourage it to come back to Christ

Self - Donation
I will offer to do a favor that is costly in personal terms.

Love the Ones You're With
Today I will compliment someone on a genuine virtue they possess.

A Taxing Question
I will read some Scripture or a few paragraphs from the Catechism.

Payback Time
I will offer up a decade of a rosary for a family member who is far from the faith.

My Lord and My God
I will visit the Lord in the Eucharist this week.

From Heaven or Earth?
I will arrive a little early to Mass tomorrow in order to spend a few quiet moments.

Pentecost Anticipated
I will look for occasions to speak about Christ with others.

I will use Jesus Christ's name and example in a conversation I have with someone today

On Sitting and Serving
I will seek to serve others no matter who they are.

How to Grow in My Faith
I will (re-)commit myself to a regular study of my faith

Children of the Kingdom
I will commit to fight for innocence in a more practical way

One Flesh
I will spend one hour in adoration reflecting with Christ

Price of the Kingdom
I will repair a past act of "scandal"

The Zeal of Charity
I will counter every thought against charity with two thoughts of charity

The Power of the Spirit
This week, I will write down daily all the lights and inspirations of the Holy Spirit I receive.

You Follow Me
Today I will help another person read a passage of the Gospel prayerfully.

Love Demands a Loving Response
I will give myself to Christ today in acts of love that embrace my whole person,

Godís Eternal Love
I will let someone know that God loves them.

In But Not Of the World
I will speak to someone about Christ today.

Intimacy with God
I will show a simple act of kindness to a member of my family today

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