Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

Discussions with Lawyers
Before each activity of the day I will stop and ask myself how can I do it with love

Jesus or Satan
When I face a temptation, I will think that Jesus is stronger than Satan

To Keep or To Abolish
When I obey the laws of Church I will stop and reflect how they fit into the greater law of love

Unwelcome Homecoming
During the day to welcome Christ's teaching into my life

Purify Us, Lord!
I will take a specific steps to reestablish the proper order in my life

Too late for a change?
I will pray for someone who I don't get along with

Put God at the Center
I will pray a special prayer for humility every day this week

Actions speak louder than words
I will think a relationship in my life where pride is destructive I will take concrete steps to deal with it

Time to Forgive from the Heart and Be Forgiven
I will be the first to offer an apology or a solution to build unity in my home and workplace.

Seeking the Face of God
I will take at least five minutes of my time to seek Our Lord in prayer

Be Perfect?
I will dedicate time to pray to Our Lady and trust her

Pretending to be and truly being Holy
I will take a look at my life to identify the areas where duplicity manifests

Never Stop Seeking Holiness
I will renew my determination to make a daily prayer time

Blessed Are the Pure of Heart
Today if I fall I will admit my fault to God

Holiness and Community
I will take time to examine my conscience

Temptationís Hour
I will be aware to the subtle ways in which I am tempted to center my life around myself

Forgiveness: The First Step to Love
I will think of the people I dislike, and I will think one of their qualities

Time of Fasting
I will choose one person I know who needs Godís grace and offer all my sacrifices today for them

Suffering: A Highway to God
Before doing something today I will pause and examine the motives of acting like that

The Joy of Lent
I will make a program of prayer.

The Journey Away from Self
I will listen before telling my thoughts or desires

Help My Unbelief!
I will reject all worries that I can not change

Administrators of Godís Love
I will bring another person to Christ today

Climbing with Christ
I will fight in a special way any resistance to prayer

The Transforming Power of the Cross
I will examine my attitudes towards difficulties

Can Christ Count on Me?
I will spend time with our Lord in the Eucharist today

Jesus, His Way
I will make an act of charity

Having a Memory for God
I will write down things that I have been seeking that could take me away from Christ

Loving Christ for Who He Is
Today I will spend time acknowledging and thanking Jesus for the love he has gave me

I will do It!
Today I will imitate Godís merciful love

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