Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

Persecution, for Heaven's Sake
I will raise a delicate point with someone

Divisions in the Family
I will pray or make a sacrifice for a family member

Go, Spread the Kingdom
Today I will review my daily and weekly time commitments

Choosing an Apostle
I will take the hardest part of my day and embrace it with greater joy

How Do You Feed a Hungry Heart?
I will offer one hour of adoration

Faith is All-Powerful
I will offer up a sacrifice

Opportunity Missed
I will make an extra act of charity for my family

Fasting and Feasting
I will make a special sacrifice

Where Mercy Reigns
I will set a time and place for confession

Fathoming Christ's Mercy
Today I will remember to avoid rash and judgmental thoughts

Casting out Evil
I will reject one specific sin

My Lord and My God!
"Do Not Be Unbelieving, But Believe"

Determined Discipleship
Today I will live better my vocation in life

Touching the Lord
I shall make two acts of faith

Let it be Done for You
Today I will take a few minutes to read and reflect upon Hebrews

Rock of Peter
I will read a few paragraphs of the Catechism

Built Wisely
I will note one area where I'm not living up

Rerun of Little Red Riding-Hood
I will compliment someone

The Difficult Path
Today I will make a special sacrifice for a loved one

Unjust Judges
I will say something nice to a person

What's in a Name?
I will pray a decade of the rosary

Only One Master
I will renew my spirit of faith

What is My Deepest Desire?
I will do everything this day out of love for Christ

The School of Prayer
I will pray the "Our Father"

The Danger of Vanity
I will renew my purity of intention

We Are All Brothers and Sisters, Children of Our Heavenly Father
I will pray for those with whom I am experiencing difficulties

Something Radically New
I will do an act of kindness for someone

Living with Christ
I will take a moment in prayer to reflect

June 17
St Avitus; St Adam Chmielowski; St Bessarion

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