Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

Death and Taxes
Lord, help me to acknowledge your greatness with my words and actions.

The Bread of Eternal Life
Eternal life begins now for those who believe that Jesus is the Bread of Life

Turn to Jesus
Today when I go to prayer, I will be gratefull

The Force of Love
I will offer a sacrifice for the souls in purgatory

The Mysterious Man
Today I will pray for the gift of faith for those who don't believe

Daring Doggedness
I will thank the Lord repeatedly throughout the day

Mission Impossible?
I will pray intensely today

Love's Labor Transfigured
I will make a generous decision

Glimpsing the Depths of Jesus
I will find a way to visit Jesus in the Eucharist today

Heeding or Silencing the Conscience
I will receive the sacrament of reconciliation

Lack of Faith
I will increase my faith in Christ

Powerful Net
I will invite someone to join me this Sunday at Mass

The Treasure Hunt
I will make a small sacrifice

God's Final Harvest
I will speak about the joy of receiving the sacrament of reconciliation

Quiet but Steady Growth
Today I will speak of God's goodness

A Miracle That Kept on Giving
I will make a visit to the Eucharist

Rolling Up the Sleeves and Gathering the Sheaves
I shall take some time to make a good confession

Gardening with taste
I will go over my daily and weekly schedule

Fighting the Good Fight of Faith
Today, I will strive to see people from the viewpoint of faith

Called to Be Servants
I will examine myself on what genuine Christian service

Scoring Goals in Life
I will review my day before I go to bed

"They Love Me... They Love Me Not..."
Today I will practice contrition to grow in effective love

Fellowship with Christ
I will see myself as your apprentice today, Lord.

The Quiet Healer
I will contact someone who needs to be encouraged

Condemning the Innocent
I will organize this coming Sunday to be a day of worship

Weary of Heart
Today I will pray an extra decade of the rosary

Knowing the Father and the Son
Today I will reflectively read Philippians 2:5-11.

Harsh or Rash Judgment?
Today I will read nos. 1783-1785

Love is Demanding
Today I will make three acts of self-denial

Learning to Follow Directions
I will fulfill my prayer commitments

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