Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

Hitting the Spiritual Wall
I will make sure to be faithful in that moment today

Mary Is My Master Educator in Virtue
I will ask Mary to educate me in it in a special way

Keeping House
I will be attentive to the fact that I am a dwelling of God

The Christian Who Doesn't Pray Treats God like a Servant
What do I most need today? I will ask God for it early

Prayer Has an Important Place in Our Continuing Conversion
Today I will pray my traditional prayers with special attention

Prayer Is the lifeblood of my relationship with Jesus
When I consider the biggest thing I am doing for God today

Jesus Breaks the Habit of Putting Limits on Our Love
I will remove the limits I have placed on loving someone close to me

The Loving Hand of God's Providence
I will stop and thank God at least once today

Better Than Success
I will show thanks for my faith by doing an extra act of charity

Payback Time
I will carry out one request that a legitimate authority

Bumper Crop
I will pray or offer up a sacrifice for vocations

Costly Christ
I will weed out one thing from my life that doesn't fit in with my state as a Christian

Heavenly Helpers
I will say "yes" to the next difficult thing someone asks of me

The Greatest
I will do an act of charity

Working Together to Build the Kingdom
Today I commit myself to making an act of kindness

Angelic Company
I will visit the Eucharist

The Mistaken Messiah
I will try to make every encounter with others an occasion to share my faith

Conversion of the Heart
I will seek true conversion today

We Too Wish to See Jesus
I will eliminate the obstacles I have to seeing God's face

A Just Settlement
I will bear witness to the light by avoiding all slanderous talk

Childlike trust
I will entrust my day into God's hands

Treat Me Like Dirt!
Not my will, but yours be done

With the Eyeglasses of Faith
In prayerful dialogue with God, I will examine three moments or events of my day

The Healing Power of Love
I will avoid judging others today

Perpetually Dissatisfied
I will avoid making excuses today

Do Not Weep!
I will speak to someone about life as a journey

Lord, Say the Word
I resolve to pray these words with all my heart today at Mass

Getting to Know the Lord
Today I will accept difficulties with joy

Taking Mary into My Home
Contemplating the mysteries of Christ's life while praying the Rosary

God So Loves Me
I will contemplate the cross as a symbol of love

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