Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

Uprooting Sin
I will fight to eradicate sins against charity

A Call to Authenticity
I will trust in God's providence.

The Choice Between God and Mammon
I will make that sacrificial donation to charity

The Indestructible Temple
I will offer myself to collaborate

Keeping the Right Company
I will write a letter or email to a friend who has drifted away from the Church

Discipleship: Neither Cheap nor Easy
I will take some time and think about my priorities

RSVPing the Lord!
I will accept God's invitation

Our Invitation List
I will do an act of charity for someone who doesn't like me

Not Far from the Kingdom
I will consciously live as much of this day as possible

Friend, Go Up Higher
I will perform some act of service for another person

I Hold the Keys to the Gates of Purgatory
Today I will make a sacrifice for my loved ones in purgatory

Winning the Only Contest that Matters
I will spend at least five minutes today imagining what heaven will be like

Up Against the Narrow Gate
Today I will examine my conscience

The Kingdom of Heaven Infiltrates and Enriches Everything It Touches
I will try to be more optimistic about the Church in society

Jesus Blows me Out of my Comfort Zone, Again!
I will make an extra effort to pray

The Gentle Mercy of God
I will pray with perseverance and trust

The Fig That Was Almost Toast!
I will exercise patience today

Spiritual Weather Reports
I will try to be prompt in following the inspirations of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Fire Must Be My Own
I will strive to set a good spiritual example

It is So Hard to Get Good Help
How does the Lord want me to handle this situation?

Spiritual Readiness
I will review my life choices

Bigger Barns?
I will live charity today

To Serve Is to Reign
I will perform a hidden act of charity

Fidelity to the Holy Spirit's Inspirations
I will foster the awareness that I am a witness to the truth of Christ's revelation

Into the Lion's Mouth
Jesus, I trust in you

Me? An Apostle?
I will pray for God's assistance rather than rely only on myself

The Grumpy Catholics Guild
I will pray for them and look for two good qualities

Laws That Bind or Free
I will read up on it to come to understand my relationship with Christ

The Queen, the Ninevites and Me
At some point today I will offer a prayer of thanksgiving

Hitting the Spiritual Wall
I will make sure to be faithful in that moment today

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