Liturgy & Devotions~Daily Meditations

Fire of Mercy, Fire of Love
Friday in the Octave of Easter

You Are Witnesses of These Things
Thursday in the Octave of Easter

Unexpected Company and Personal Reassessments

From Tears of Sorrow to Tears of Joy

The Supreme Measure of Paschal Joy

Empty Tomb, Expectant Heart
I will be prompt in meeting the duties and responsibilities of today, in the truth of the risen Christ

Dazzling Dawn
Easter Vigil, The Resurrection of the Lord

Invitation to Intimacy
Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion

Come to Serve and not to Be Served
Holy Thursday

Unmasking the Betrayer
Wednesday of Holy Week

Peter’s Collision Course
I will start everything I do today with a prayer, offering its fruits up to God

Blind Guides
Today, I will look back briefly on my life and try to notice all the things Christ has done for me, so that by reflecting on these things my faith and trust in him will deepen

Christ the King
Today I will pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary in order to embark upon Holy Week with her guidance and intercession.

Whoever is not With Me is Against Me
I will embrace with faith what I cannot – and should not – control.

Children of the Kingdom
I will commit to fight for innocence in a more practical way

A Child and Wonder
God deserves our full hearts, because he is the one who is our true Father

The Gift of Faith
Questioning something we do not understand is not necessarily bad

Prayer and Action
When Jesus calls me to do a special mission for his Kingdom, he also ensures that it accords with the eternal plan of the Father

The Heart of the Matter
"Behold the heart that has so loved men"

Christ, the Demanding Guest
Christianity isn't comfortable, we have to be ready to discover that we are not as holy and good as we thought we were

To Be or Not to Be

The One Thing Necessary
Salvation is a matter of how we respond in freedom to grace and the invitation of the Lord to a certain way of life

The Vocation of St Bartholomew
I will pray the Creed sometime during the day to renew my faith in Christ

Being Like God
I will practice charity towards others in a very concrete way

Wearing the Right Clothes
Today I will try to work on a virtue that I need so as to respond to Godís love for me.

Working for God
I will thank Christ for his grace and love and will try to imitate him

Getting to the Top
I will offer up a concrete sacrifice

Money Changes Everything
I will examine myself to see what commandments I am not living fully and detach myself from some concrete thing that prevents me from doing so.

Inquisition of the In-Laws
I will reach out and invite somebody back to Church this week

A Hundred or Sixty or Thirty-Fold
The fruit that Our Lord wishes us to produce are virtues inspired by faith, hope and love

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