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Benedict at 80: Truth, Love and Liturgy
The surprising Pontificate of the man who was Ratzinger.

Poem for Easter Sunday.

Do Something
Ideas for Parents.

Bankruptcy, but Building
A family steps out in faith and does what God has asked of them.

Making the Rounds in Gemelli Hospital
The Christian meaning of suffering.

A Lamb’s Sojourn
Analogy of Christian life. Christ the Good Shepherd who always protects his own.

A Risk Worth Taking Braving Hurricane Katrina
Thousands of people hastened to highway I-10 to begin a tedious journey out of the path of Hurricane Katrina, soon to put the city of New Orleans under water. John sat indifferent, on his sofa, watching a rerun of his favorite TV series.

That they May Be One
The efforts of Pope Benedict XVI to restore Church unity in his two years as Vicar of Christ.

Caritas Christi Urget Nos
Driven by the love of Christ.

How Do We Talk with Our Teens about the Virginia Tech Tragedy
A reflection on the Virginia Tech Tragedy.

“Did Mary have labor pain in the birth of Jesus?”
Many theologians through the ages of Christianity who embrace the dogma of the Immaculate Conception understand that Mary had no sickness, no pain, and even – for some – no death because these aspects of human life were the “punishments” of original sin.

They Were Our Infirmities
A story of redemptive suffering.

House Passes Hate-Crimes Bill
Will Church teaching on politically correct topics be outlawed?

Lough Foyle is a long arm of the North Atlantic that for twenty miles slips between the mountains of Donegal and the green fields of Ulster until it laps at the feet of the walled city of Derry.

Like the Mother of the Covenant
A Marian poem for Mother's Day.

Immigrant Catholics
Study finds Charismatic Movement strengthens Hispanics’ Catholicism.

Play, the Way It Should Be
When kids dream and trucks.

The Greatest New Idea
Or not so new

He Could No Longer Explain Why He Wasn’t Catholic
Inperson Interview

The visitation is not only a scene of transition; it also marks a major advance in revealing the messiah, who receives for the first time in the Gospel of Luke, the title Lord.

Refreshing water for TV
New digital television channels have gone online in Canada and Spain, with visitor traffic exceeding the expectations of the dioceses that started them. The sudden influx of quality Catholic content on television and the Internet has been a refreshing sur

Play Like Your Kids
On Friday evening, I took a baby step from "Fencing Mom" (aka: one who watches her son fence) to "Fencer".

Finding His Way
The journey home of a young man searching for love.

Avoid Summer Learning Loss
My boys are launching into their second full week of summer vacation. They are in full summer mode, staying up too late and sleeping in as only growing teens can sleep.

No Amnesty For the Unborn
Cardinal: Withdraw Support For Rights Group

Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
The Roman liturgy celebrates the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a special formulary on the Saturday after the second Sunday after Pentecost.

Finding His Way
Tommy’s journey has ended. He has reached his destination, his true home, and enjoys the embrace of his Father.

Gift or Gaffe?
Why Bush Gave Benedict a Walking Stick

Frank Parater’s Eternal Will and Testament
A short life lived well is better than a long one lived badly.

Anthems and Little Miracles
Gianna Jessen and her story.

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