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What’s a Nice Jewish Girl Like You Doing in the Catholic Church?
Finding fulfillment in the New Testament.

Synagogue and the Church (PART TWO OF TWO)
When did Christianity leave the protection of the Temple in Jerusalem? That was an important issue, prior to leaving the Church was protected from Roman persecution because it was considered a sect of Judaism.

Synagogue and the Church (PART ONE OF TWO)
When did Christianity leave the protection of the Temple in Jerusalem? That was an important issue, prior to leaving the Church was protected from Roman persecution because it was considered a sect of Judaism.

Holy Gospel: February 3
"Do not be afraid; just have faith." (Mark 5: 21-43)

Holy Gospel: February 2
"Mary and Joseph took Jesus up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord, just as it is written in the law of the Lord." (Luke 2: 22-40)

Saint Claudine Thévenet
February 3

The Presentation of the Lord (II)
February 2

The Rock of Contradiction
Challenge: Do not reject the cross, but take it up lovingly in union with Christ.

Jesus and the Evil One: A Major Mismatch
Challenge: Be bold and trust in the Lord’s power to help you overcome any difficulty.

Saint Henry Morse, SJ
February 1

Holy Gospel: February 1
"He taught them as one having authority." (Mark 1: 21-28)

A Plea for Help from the Brothers and Sisters of Charity
Recent icestorm has left the Hermitage without power and little necessary fuel to run generators.

Christianity Begins
In your study of religions you can find a date, a person and a theology that they started.

Do This in Remembrance of Me
These words, “Do this in remembrance of me,” came from the lips of Jesus as told by the Gospel of Luke 22:19

Holy Gospel: January 31
“Let us cross to the other side.” (Mark 4:35-41)

On the Way There
Mark 4:35-41 Saturday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time I will analyze one of the greater difficulties in my life and see where I need to apply greater trust in God.

Saint Mutien Marie Wiaux F.S.C.
January 30

Holy Gospel: January 30
"He spoke the word to them as they were able to understand it." (Mark 4: 26-34)

Saint Sulpicius Severus
January 29

Let Christ’s Light Shine
Challenge: Enlighten your conscience on faith or morals by reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Holy Gospel: January 29
“Is a lamp brought in to be placed under a bushel basket or under a bed, and not to be placed on a lampstand." (Mark 4: 21-25)

Standing for the Truth
The Church of Jesus Christ is called to be the light of the world. If we desire to be that light, we must be committed to preaching and teaching God's Word in its entirety, and not just those parts of it that are soothing and comforting.

The Genuine Miracle
Do you think that "miracles" are only occurrences from long ago biblical times? Maybe you haven't been paying enough attention.

Liam Neeson Records the Way of the Cross
Prayers & Music by St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori

Next Time, Go Fishing
Where were the media critics when the nation was spending millions to swear in a politician?

Recording Artist Angelina Ceates a Special Video in Lourdes
Singing "Ave Maria" to our Blessed Mother.

H2ONews Videos on
H2ONews teams up with to offer users daily news videos.

Saint Thomas Aquinas (II)
January 28

Holy Gospel: January 28
"The ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit." (Mark 4: 1-20)

The Holy Father's Week: January 26, 2009
A report on Benedict XVI's messages and activities.

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