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Rediscovering the Belief
The annual Corpus Christi procession in Orvieto dates all the way back to a Eucharistic miracle that took place there in the 13th century.

Full-time Evangelizers
We often hear about all the problems of immigration, and often we never get past discussing possible solutions.

Contracepting and the Environment
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the American Pharmacists Association begin a major public awareness campaign regarding contamination thats resulting from soaps and pharmaceuticals, including birth control.

Iraq Land of Martyrs
Christians feeling brunt of wrath in Iraq war.

A Litttle Good Can Go a Long Way
How a six year old changed the world.

Feast of Saints Anna and Joachim: July 26
The feast of the Birth of Mary is celebrated on Sept. 8, nine months after the Immaculate Conception. Joachim and Anne celebrate their feast day together on July 26.

Chick Lit for the Good Girl
The book of Jane.

Childrens Book Encourages Catholic and Jewish Bridge Building
Friday night with the Pope.

Bringing Back Family Dinner
Saving dinner basics: How to cook even if you dont know how.

I was in Prison and You Visited Me
Thirty years ago less than five hundred people lived in Cancun, Mexico. Today more than a million residents stroll the white sandy beaches and work in the hotels and restaurants. But amidst the success of the new tourist hot-spot, crime rose and with it c

Toy Box Battle
It's a David vs. Goliath prospect for faith-based companies to even get the chance to compete in the big retail.

Little Roger
Miracles in Malta.

Feast of Our Lady of the Snows: August 5
During that hot summer evening, a miraculous snowfall traced the form of the basilica on the hill. Our Lady also appeared to Pope Liberius in a dream that same night so that he too could arrive at the location to see the miraculous snowfall.

Pain, Diabetes And Dementia
Research highlights medical risks of vasectomies.

Discover the New Frontier: The Moral Investing Paradigm Shift
The only way to master time, in fact, is the way of forgiveness and thankfulness whereby we receive time as a gift and, in a spirit of gratitude, transform it.

Death Is Swallowed Up
A Marian poem.

Moras Rules
If they sell you sin, you sell them salvation!

Coma Patient Wakes Up
New technique for brain injuries.

Memorial of Mary's Queenship (August 22)
On August 22, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates a memorial in honor of the Queenship of Mary.

Lukaszs Journey Home
The boy who met Christ

Hey, Lukasz! Did you have a good day at school?

Taming the Extracurricular Activity Monster
Extracurricular activities do have tremendous benefits as well. Studies show that more children than ever are involved in enrichment activities away from home and school.

A Titanic Moment
Their lungs began to cramp as the icy water seeped through their clothes.

Now Polygamy
After legalizing same-sex Marriage, more Canadians want to redefine marriage.

The More the Merrier
It is all about sharing the natural joy of life.

Things That Make Me Smile
Look for opportunities in your world today to smile, and to bring smiles to the faces of others.

The Atheism of Mother Teresa
What happened after Mother Teresa said her Yes to the divine inspiration that was calling her to place herself at the service of the poorest of the poor?

Story Helps Adolescents Embrace Lifes Obstacles and Their Own Uniqueness
My Big Feet is not just a story of acceptance, but also a fun adventure tale. Recommended to readers ages eight through eleven.

A Meditation on the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Your birth, Birthgiver of God, announced joy to the whole world. From you came the Sun of Justice, Christ our God. He released the curse and gave the blessing.

Mother Teresa and the Politics of Perfection
The news media have expressed shock in recent week in the wake of the revelation that Mother Teresa of Calcutta had her doubts.

A Knight in Shining Armor
Love conquers fear, hearts, lives.

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