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The Family, a Community of Love
If you want your family to be a community of love, then strive to give love. You have to educate yourself for it. Take the first step now.

Babies or Tadpoles?
God is near, life is beautiful, children are treasures, everything is simple and the world has made it all complicated.

Conforming to Gods Blueprint
A reflection on Saint Paul and the Pauline year of excellence.

Biblical Roots of the Mass
Thomas Nash on the importance of the Scripture behind Christ's Sacrifice on the Altar.

How Scholars Translate the Bible
Father Jeffrey Mickler explains the difficult work of bible translators.

Civilly Married Couples
Are civilly married couples considered cohabiting if not married in the Church?

Why Marriage? Why in The Church?
Father Jeffrey Mickler preaches on the importance of marriage and the signficance of holding this sacrament in a Church.

Saint Paul and the Historical Jesus
Pope Benedict XVI teaches on Saint Pauls relationship to the historical Jesus.

Me? An Apostle?
Challenge: If faced with an obstacle today, pray for Gods assistance rather than rely only on yourself.

Into the Lions Mouth
Challenge: When faced with any worry today pray: Jesus, I trust in you.

Saint Luke, Evangelist (III)
October 18

Saint Ignatius of Antioch
October 17

Holy Gospel: October 18
"The Kingdom of God is at hand for you." (Luke 10: 1-9)

Holy Gospel: October 17
"What you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed on the housetops." (Luke 12: 1-7)

Doctor Skull
A teacher's battle for true life.

Daily Mass Broadcast Now on
Catholics who cannot attend Mass daily are encouraged to watch online.

The Only Permanance
The world around us is in turmoil and changing in front of our very eyes. Is thre anything "out there" that we can count on as a reliable anchor?

History Not Always Repeats Itself
Challenge: Offer to God today the sacrifice necessary to change something in your behavior that might be an obstacle for someone else coming to know Christ better.

The Grumpy Catholics Guild
Challenge: If you find yourself thinking critically about someone today, pray for this person.

Saint Theresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church (IV)
October 15

Holy Gospel: October 16
"Woe to you, scholars of the law! You have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves did not enter and you stopped those trying to enter. (Luke 11: 47-54)

Holy Gospel: October 15
Woe to you Pharisees! You pay tithes of mint and of rue and of every garden herb, but you pay no attention to judgment and to love for God." (Luke 11: 42-46)

Signs of the Times
Campaign yard signs are sprouting all over the neighborhood.

Laws that Bind or Free
Challenge: If there is a rule or custom of the Church that you dont understand or dont practice, study it to understand better how it frees you and guides you in your relationship with Christ.

The Queen, the Ninevites and Me
Challenge: At some point today offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Be grateful to Christ for the blessings received over the past few days.

The Banquet Is Prepared!
Challenge: Respond to Gods love today, accept willingly any difficulty or hardship that comes your way.

Saint Callistus, Martyr
October 14

Saint Edwin
October 12

Holy Gospel: October 14
"Give alms, and behold, everything will be clean for you. (Luke 11: 37-41)

Holy Gospel: October 13
"There is something greater than Jonah here. (Luke 11: 29-32)

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