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Holy Gospel: March 29
"Father, glorify your name." (John 12: 20-33)

March 28 -- St. Guntramnus
King and Confessor

Holy Gospel: March 28
"This is truly the Prophet." (John 7: 40-53)

Let Him Speak to Your Heart
Challenge: Break down a prejudice that you still harbor in your heart against some aspect of Christ’s message.

Trust, a Lenten Resolution
Challenge: When contradictions flare up do not sigh in despair. Rather, make an act of hope: “Long live Christ the King!”

March 27 -- S.t Rupert
Bishop of Saltzburg

Holy Gospel: April 8, 2011
"He sent me." (John 7: 1-2, 10, 25-30)

"The Priests" set to release DVD in time for Easter
Live performance at Armagh Cathedral features many favorites

New CD Reviews from Dave Wang, National Catholic Register (Canada)
From Sal Solo, Janelle, Billie Tarascio, Isidore Bard and Susan Bailey

Saint Ludger, Bishop
March 26

God’s Glory
Challenge: In my conversations today, do not brag about yourself. Try to focus the conversation on the interests of others.

Holy Gospel: April 14, 2011
"If you had believed Moses, you would have believed me, because he wrote about me." (John 5: 31-47)

Heaven and Earth Hold their Breath
Challenge: Strive to see how Jesus, the perfect man, lived the virtue that you seek in your spiritual growth.

Holy Gospel: March 25
(Luke 1: 26-38) "The child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God. "

The Holy Father´s Week: March 23, 2009
A short report on Benedict XVI´s messages and activities.

To Kill or Not to Kill?
‘Suicide’ groups disagree on who should die and how.

Call to Repentance
God is looking for one thing, and one thing only: repentance. Those who hear the Word of God preached week after week, yet refuse to apply it to their lives, will be judged more severely than those who never heard it.

The Need to Pray Poem
There is a need to pray not only when things are going badly but also when they are going well. As a parent wouldn't you want your children to thank you for the gifts you give them?

Created by God and for God
Does your lifestyle and the way in which you spend your time, talent, and treasure reflect your understanding that you were created by God and for Him as well?

California Reviews Prop. 8
Marriage proponents expect good news after court hearing.

Chris Smith Attempts to Restore Mexico City Policy
Barack Obama overturned President Reagan’s Mexico City Policy, but pro-life Congressman Chris Smith has introduced a bill to enshrine the policy in law.

Disciplinary Cloud Shadows Nominee
Pro-abortion Catholic Governor chosen for Health and Human Services.

What the Pope Sees in Africa
Restoring hope to youth, combating AIDS, promoting peace, fostering economic and social aid, and defending the dignity of the African women are among the priorities.

Novena to Saint Joseph
Special Novena

The Right Armor in Battle
Challenge: As Easter approaches, humbly recognize your sinfulness and seek God’s healing grace in the sacrament of Confession.

The Royal Official’s Request for a Miracle
Challenge: Help your family to have a deeper faith. Bring up a spiritual topic at family dinner and try to encourage a more faith-filled perspective.

The Need for Soul Searching
Challenge: Attend Mass today with special fervor, seeking Jesus in the Eucharist, and if possible also receive him in Holy Communion.

Humility in Prayer
Challenge: Always make an act of humility at the beginning of your prayer.

The Greatest Commandment
Challenge: Before beginning each activity of the day, stop and ask yourself how you can live it with love.

A Heroic Example
Challenge: Chat with Saint Joseph at some moment during the day, asking him to teach you how to be serene in times of trial.

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