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Experience of God / PART 3: Downhill Rush vs. Hot Chocolate
You Pray How You Live

The Cross is the Only Path to God
Luke 9:22-25 Thursday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time Before doing something today I will pause to examine the motives for which I do it: is it for me or for God? If it is only for me, I will rectify my intentions or leave the deed aside, especially if I have the opportunity to do something else for God or to serve God in my neighbor.

Joyful Reparation
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 Wednesday Eighth Week in Ordinary Time I will make a Lenten program of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

True Worship
Mark 7:1-13 Tuesday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time I will examine my conscience to see if I am using any of my gifts and talents to glorify or serve only myself. If so, I'll strive to put these same gifts at the service of God.

Faith and Christ's Healing Power
Mark 6:53-56 Monday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time I will offer up short acts of faith in the Lord throughout the day.

The economic crisis calls us to be Good Samaritans
World Day of Sick

Teaching the Thickheaded
Luke 5:1-11 Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time oday I will pray and make a sacrifice to Our Lord so that he sends generous and holy vocations to the Church, especially where she needs them the most.

Resting in the Lord
Mark 6:30-34 Saturday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time I will find some concrete way to prepare myself and my family for the celebration of Sunday Mass: reflecting on the Mass readings, organizing ourselves to arrive early to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, doing some service of charity like visiting the sick or elderly, etc.

HUMANITAS Review, the Anthropological and Cultural journal of
A new free newsletter service arrives to in the frame of the celebrations of the year of faith

Grace's Last Stand and Ultimate Victory
Mark 6:14-29 Friday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time I will work to be sincere in all I do, and use the sacrament of confession as a place of constant conversion and openness to God's will.

Sent With Authority
Mark 6:7-13 Thursday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time I will make it a point to involve an apostolic colleague in my effort to help some friend or family member encounter Christ.

Made for God
Mark 6:1-6 Wednesday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time I will be very obedient to the lights I receive today from the Holy Spirit, acting on them with promptness and generosity.

Touched by Faith
I will acknowledge the presence of Christ

A Madman for Christ
I will witness to some healing that the Lord has worked in my life

To Believe or Not to Believe
Luke 4:21-30 First Sunday in Ordinary Time Today I will offer an act of faith and trust in some desire of Christ for me, one that I originally met with fear or indifference.

Creed of the people of God Vatican II ahead of us

Nine Days of Prayer, Penance and Pilgrimage
Join Ctholics across the US to pray for religious freedom

Spiritual Fireworks to start our year!
Let's show God that "we mean business" that we want to grow in Theological Virtues!

Call to Prayer for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty
Let's promote life

Speaking from the Heart of Christ
Luke 2:22-40 Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Today I will renew my personal consecration to the Heart of Christ in a visit to the Eucharist, and I will remember in a special way all consecrated persons throughout the world who renew their vows today.

The Fruit of the Kingdom
Mark 4:26-34 Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Today I will take time to say a special prayer or make a special sacrifice for the conversion of sinners.

Let Christ's Light Shine
Mark 4:21-25 Thusrsday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time I will enlighten my conscience better about a point of our faith or morals by looking it up in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (It can be found on-line at if needed).

Work for the Harvest
Mark 4:1-20 Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time Today I will offer up a small sacrifice to ask God for the grace of acquiring the virtue that I need the most.

Stronger Than Blood
Mark 3:31-35 Tuesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time Today I will make an act of charity towards someone with whom I find it difficult to get along.

Identity Confusion
Mark 3:22-30 Monday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time I will do something to share my faith with others today.

Bringing Good News
Luke 1:1-4. 4:14-21 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Today I will review my New Year's resolutions and work on abiding by one in a particular way.

God and My Work / Part 6
A series on the role of laity in the Church

God and My Work / Part 5
A series on the role of laity in the Church

God and My Work / Part 4
A series on the role of laity in the Church

God and My Work / Part 3
A series on the role of laity in the Church

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