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S-Chipping Away Pro-Life Protections?
Catholic, pro-life groups fighting SCHIP provisions.

Teaching Our Children to Speak with Adults
Have a practice "meet and greet" session after dinner weekly. Reinforce eye contact, addressing the person by Mr., Ms. or Mrs., and with a firm handshake.

Hypocrisy and Sin
Id rather have someone in congress who advocates the right policy and falls short of practicing it than someone who advocates the wrong policy and behaves accordingly.

Visit Scotland with Your Family This Weekend
Head online and do a quick search for events in your area - your kids will thank you and may even learn a thing or two while having fun!

White Fields - From the steppe of Kazakhstan to the metroplis of Paris
Good News meditation.

Creating a Productive Homework Space for Your Family
Recommendations for setting up and equipping your homework space.

Darkness Experts
The recent press coverage on Mother Teresas long dark night of the soul has ranged from commentaries insinuating that she was an agnostic do-gooder, to those hailing her as a model for the modern-day people caught in the temptation to doubt, but who is a

Feast of Our Lady of Ransom
On August 1, 1218 the Blessed Virgin appeared to Saint Peter, to his confessor, Raymund of Pennafort, and to King James I, and through these three servants of God established a work of the most perfect charity, the redemption of captives. Its members woul

Spending Time in the Company of a Mentor
Do you have a mentor in your life? Try your hardest to make time to let a mentor know you. Appreciate all this person has have given you in this life. Spend time in his company and try to quantify for yourself what that relationship truly means to you.

We dont need a sequel
OJ on TV - Im changing the channel or turning it off. Television networks air programming that they think people want to watch. So the only way we get programming to change is by watching what we want and turning off what we dont want.

The Church is alive and the Church is young

Be Anything You Want to Be
The Church does not see itself able to ordain women, following the long and constant teaching of the Church.

Fantasy Journalism
Time Magazine recently engaged in what I would call fantasy journalism. Others might call this the what if school of reportage.

Both Sides Now
Good News meditation.

October, Month of the Holy Rosary
The month of October each year is dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary. This is primarily due to the fact that the liturgical feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated annually on October 7th. It was instituted to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary in gratitu

Spend Time with Your Family, Not Money
What our children want and need is our time, not another stuffed animal mouse.We as parents crave a relationship with our children that will be nurtured into their adult years.

Fatima: 90 Years
90 Years After the Sun Danced. 1917, Oct. 13, heaven touched earth in Portugals Cova da Iria. For the three children who experienced the visions at Fatima, their lives would never be the same. Neither would ours.

True Stories
"Bella" joins an increasing number of movies that have a positive, Catholic message for todays overly secular world. In fact, there are been several major films produced in recent years that aimed at the distinctly conservative Catholic audience.

A World Away
This is a story kids will love to read because of the creepy, slimy, and surreal creatures; parents will love their kids to read this book because Dan Clays adventure is full of moral lessons. The book is enjoyable and fun.

Armor of God
A football player needs more than his pads to face the blows of life.

Shut Down!
Resistance movement halts abortion business. Planned Parenthood didnt plan for this.

Posada: Catholic Documentary on Immigration Launches
Jesuit film compares Hispanic immigration in the US with Holy Family journey.

Extreme Vacationing
Good news meditation.

Kids in Popes Shoes
Homeless Americans Wear Benedicts Gifts

New Saint Book
"Saints: Ancient and Modern" is visually stunning and filled with detail.

A Giftless Wedding
What marriage is all about!

The Reality of the Devil
The new millennium marks for many teens and young adults a renewed interest in spirituality. What type of spirituality? Christian? No. Islamic? No. How about an Eastern spirituality like Taoism? Wrong again. Try Satanism.

Creating a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan
What each of us can and should do today to ensure the safety and well being of our families.

For All the Saints
Secular College Campuses Seeing Catholic Processions

The Best Christmas Gift
A life-changing tapestry.

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