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Christ the King
Yes, he was indeed on a mission to rescue his people from the power of darkness (Col 1:12). But his crown was of thorns rather than of gold. His weapon was the cross rather than a sword. He came to serve rather than to be served.

On the Right Track
I think our Lord, if he is calling you to the priesthood is purifying your heart very early on, almost as he were forcing you to go to the roots and reality of your vocation . . .

Vocation Yes, but...
A good course of action for you is to continue your discernment, continue praying and opening your life to be guided by God.

An Outreach To Abortion-Seeking Women
While many abortions are procured for selfish reasons, a not insignificant number of abortion-seeking women do choose life for their babies when provided with loving alternatives.

Getting More out of the Mass
Nothing and no one can stop us from being in Jesus’ presence to receive him and give ourselves to him. The bad news is, if we don’t get anything out of Mass, there’s no one to blame but ourselves.

Thanksgiving & Eucharist
But why did Lincoln proclaim the last Thursday in November as a national holiday? Because it was clear to him that the blessings of food, land, family, and freedom enjoyed by Americans are all gifts from the Creator.

But thanksgiving can’t be limited to Sunday Eucharist. We are called to develop a lifestyle of thanksgiving. We’re called, in this year of the Eucharist, to become a eucharistic people.

Use of the Church Organ During Advent
The pipe organ is to be held in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument that adds a wonderful splendor to the Church's ceremonies and powerfully lifts up the spirit to God and to higher things.

Celebrating Advent as a Family
For families longing to build Catholic traditions, few times of the year hold greater promise than the liturgical season of Advent.

Rose-Colored Vestments on Gaudete Sunday
I have always observed that the priest wore a rose or pink vestment on Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent.

The Key is Loving Christ
The way to master your heart and the drive to love in our life, is to choose whom you are going to love and put all our energies into loving that person.

Rhythm of the Scripture Readings
How and by what process is the daily Scripture reading determined?

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given (Isaiah 9:5)
The words of the Prophet Isaiah, proclaimed in the First Reading, contain the truth of Christmas, which together we re-live this night.

A Catholic Approach to Holiday Gift-Giving
Words alone are inadequate to express lots of things, especially personal messages like “I love you.”

Holy Family
We learn our native tongue not from our schoolteachers, but from our parents. We pick up from them, as by osmosis, attitudes, mannerisms, gestures, and habits. Like it or not, we are profoundly influenced not only by our genes, but by our family experie

To Sing Like an Angel
Angelina Davis is no typical sixteen year old Catholic high school student. While most of her peers have been concerned with learning to drive and hanging out with friends, Angelina spent the past fifteen months making news on the ever growing Catholic m

Comtemplative or Active?
As someone who is seriously contemplating the religous life, how does one discern if God is calling you to a contemplative order or an active order?

In Search for the Will of God
Arnold Janssen was born on November 5, 1837 in Goch, a small city in lower Rhineland (Germany). The second of ten children, his parents instilled in him a deep devotion to religion.

Gold may have been one of the original Christmas presents, but don’t be mistaken – there was never a golden age in the church free of controversy and struggle.

The Baptism of the Lord
The Gospels say that Jesus went to John the Baptist by the Jordan River, desiring to receive from him the baptism of repentance.

Baptism of the Lord and the Sacrament of Confirmation
Every single one of us is called and anointed. And that’s why confirmation is one of the essential sacraments of initiation.

Age and Studies
I have some interest in a vocation as at the moment I am between jobs I can see one being able to carry out some of the tasks of a priest visiting the sick, marriages, funerals, baptisms, and some administrative work associated with the parish etc.

Visions of Mary
The Virgin Mary, our Blessed Mother - she graces the halls of the world’s greatest museums and the walls of some of the world’s poorest homes. Her image has been captured by artists and given homage by pilgrims.

Is Graduating High School Required?
I have not graduated high school, and I don’t do well in school; do I need my high school diploma and other courses to enter the seminary? At what age I can do so?

The Eucharist; the source that nourishes the faith
The “breaking of bread”, as the Eucharist was called in earliest times, has always been at the centre of the Church's life.

Enriching Children’s Understanding of the Mass
In this Year of the Eucharist, parents looking to enrich their children’s appreciation of and engagement in the celebration of the Mass now have a new resource.

Staying Detached while Discerning?
The only strength we have is in God's grace. That means that you have to bring his grace into your life actively, depend absolutely on it, and then not be afraid since Christ is the first one to want you to be faithful.

The Steps
What steps should be taken before entering the seminary?

Is this God's will?
Are we supposed to believe that everything that happens on a daily basis, day by day, is God's will and we should say yes to everything?

I Just Want to Know What I Am to Do
Why does it feel that everyone is telling me to join the religious life when I am having these dry feelings?

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