For Greater Glory... an overwhelming and inspiring movie for Catholics all over the world.

In theaters June 1st, 2012. QUE VIVA CRISTO REY!
by Monica Elisa Perez Lopez | Source:

After months waiting for the release of the movie, finally last Sunday – two days after the national release in Mexico – I was able to watch it.

   Light’s off, the movie starts… a hidden chapter of Mexico’s history in the official authorized school books when I was a kid is now revealed.

   The story is overwhelming, since the first minutes when you start knowing the main characters and the social and political environment is presented, until the last second of the shocking and startling end. An action movie is the perfect excuse to tell the story of courageous men and women standing out for what they believe: FAITH and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

   Times when Catholic Church is under attack by other visions of life, human rights and moral, became the perfect time to look back and see how Catholics from other times stand out for what they believe. For Greater Glory tells a history of past times that match the current time and the struggles faced by the Catholic faithful to all over the world to defend the same things were defended in the past.

   The movie itself is a well done piece, great photography, great characterizations, great actors – all of them, great locations, beautiful soundtrack… a great movie in technical and visual aspects. Even though, technical or visual aspects are not the most important part of the movie, they were well used to tell the inspiring story of real people – like the 12 year old children like Jose, brave women like Adriana, combatants Priests like Pablo or peaceful men as Aniceto – willing to defend their own right to believe in God and practice their religion freely.

   I was impressed about the similarities with our reality as active members of the Catholic Church nowadays and Mexican Catholics reality in 1926. Even when the intensity of the conflict now is not close to what was lived by Mexican faithful at that time, I couldn’t stop thinking about the HSS Mandate conflict in USA where people, not only Catholic Church members but any citizen that believes in religious freedom as a basic human right are making what is in their hands to defend it.

   “Who are you if you don't stand out for what you believe?” says Fr. Christopher to Jose – Martyr boy from the Cristero War– who wants to hide the priest at his house to protect him from the Federal Army. The question stays with me… makes me wonder if nowadays every Catholic take this question as a serious conscious matter.


   Maybe… and just maybe, time has arrived for us to stand outfor what we believe, otherwise we risk ourselves to lose who we really are, and to lose the meaning of our existence denying to ourselves at the same time any chance to achieve inner peace and secure the salvation of our souls.

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