Temptations and continuous fails
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente: Catholic.net

Temptations come, by surprise or as a continuum of waves that happen without interruption. 

When You are weak, or when the bad habit begins to take root, the falls are continuous.

It causes grief and confusion to discover the repetitive presence of sin in one's life. Grief because you feel so fragile, so helpless, so mired. 

In those moments, the heart needs to look again at Christ and listen to his message: We have in heaven a merciful and patient Father. 

When one is weak, or when the bad habit begins to take root, the falls are continuous.

With humility, with hope, we must return to the struggle. We Remember how the Letter to the Hebrews invites us to fix our eyes on Jesus and fight against sin until the blood (cf. Hb 12.1-9). 

They are also worth the advice of the monks of the first centuries, who fought valiantly against temptations, without being confused by them.

St. Doroteo of Gaza (6TH century), in his lectures, explained how the demon strikes more forcefully those who are about to take a new step in the way of holiness. 

This Saint remembered the sayings of the Fathers. "Have You fallen? (Get Up! Do you Fall again? Get Up again! " Another Father said: "The strength of those who want to acquire the virtues consists not be sad when they fall, but retake their purposes" (St. Doroteo of Gaza, Conference 13, N. 146).

That's the secret: getting up again and again. With a lot of humility, because it hurts to see a sin repeat. But with great confidence: God welcomes those who repent, cures them with mercy, and strengthens them with his love.