Divine Consolation
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente: Catholic.net

Pain comes in many ways into one's life. Sometimes because of external situations: an economic crisis, an earthquake, a traffic accident, an epidemic. Other times, through specific people: a "friend" who betrays us, a counselor who deceives us, a lender who drowns us with his extortion or an enemy that manages to destroy our prestige.

There is algo pain born from oneself. It can be originated from our misery, because we were unfaithful to a promise, because we did not know how to help the friend when he needed it, because we gave in to a petty temptation, because we locked ourselves in selfishness, because we did not learn to be humble, or because we let hatred imprison your heart.

At these times, we need the comfort of a friend, a family member, an honest person. But it will never be enough. Because certain evil can be healed only with a hand capable of reaching within, the most intimate, the deepest, the most mysterious parts of ourselves.

God offers us, in so many ways, that friendly hand. In confession, when He welcomes our humble gesture and repeats to us, as in so many pages of the Gospel, "I forgive you". In the Eucharist, when we worthily partake of the Sacrifice of the Passover, when we touch the Lamb who follows in the midst of His people. In the times of reading the Gospel, which bring echoes of The Master, which whisper in our ear teachings of comfort.

God allows life to hurt us in a thousand ways, but we will always find in His love a consolation capable of venging the wound and healing with his hand the sorrows of the soul (cf. Jb 5:18 and Sal 147,3). At the same time, this Love will invite us to become, for each other, a mutual comfort. "And the God of patience and comfort grant you to have the same feelings unto one another, according to Christ Jesus" (Rom 15:5).

Yes. God is a God of comfort, He is a loving God, He is a God who preserves and pampers each of His children. Maybe now we don't understand why we go through a test, a disease, or the death of a loved one, but if we accept His mercy and  live confidently in His Love, we will enjoy the peace of Christ. One day we will see it, without mysteries, as divine Love, as eternal and true comfort.