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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente: Catholic.net

The question about the meaning of life is attached to the question about immortality. Is there anything beyond the present existence? Were we Born for a limited time or for eternity? 

The answer is not easy. So doubt or denial abound among many human beings, for whom all that is worth is what we do on this earth.

For those who admit an existence after death, immortality is attached to the belief in a spiritual soul, indestructible, and of a God who explains our origin and our final destination. 

The light of immortality, all that we freely decide has a transcendent value, not only for the well-being or suffering of oneself and others but for what then begins after death.

To talk about immortality puts us before a horizon of unsuspected responsibilities, as the tireless Socrates that appears in various Dialogues of Plato continually recalled.

In a special way, talking about immortality makes it possible to recognize that no good act is unrewarded, as also no unforgiven bad deed is left unpunished. 

The Christian image of Judge King who arrives at the end of time and separates from one another reveals the importance of the commandment of Love and the need to receive, in faith, the Son of God born of the Virgin Mary.

It will be that king who will give the sentence: "Verily I say unto you, how ye did one of these little brothers of mine, you did me. (...) In Truth I tell you how much you stopped doing with one of these smaller, also with me, you stopped doing it "(Mt 25,40-46).

Every new day invites me to assume, responsibly, this great mystery of immortality. The Best attitude is born from the faith that embraces and puts to work the gifts of God, thanks to "Our Savior Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has led to radiate life and immortality through the Gospel" (2Tm 1.10).