Occasions of sin in dating
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I just read your topic about "are the caresses of the courtship sins?" I have that experience right now. I have a boyfriend that we almost had sex; although we both know very well that it is bad, it makes it very difficult to avoid it. We don't know how to stop it anymore. We promised that we were not going to do it anymore and we continued in the same way. I would appreciate it if you could help me solve this situation. My family is quite Catholic and I am raised in those principles, but I do not know what happened to me, and I repent and cry I say he went to church and I feel very sinful. I don't know what to do anymore. Help me. Responds P. Miguel Ángel Fuentes, V.E.

If one intends not to sin again, first of all, he should avoid the occasions of sin; and if they cannot avoid the occasions because they are "necessary" (for example, if they come from the environment in which they work and cannot leave work) then they should turn the next occasions of sin into occasions as remote as possible. About what you ask me:

1 º It must be persuaded that it is not impossible to avoid sin.

2 º It will not succeed if it does not cut the occasions: it does not expose itself to sin, because you know that weak in the temptation.

3 º will never overcome the temptations if it does not begin; at first, it seems a greater sacrifice than it is after virtue is practiced several times.

4 º The grace of God will never be lacking.

5 º Entrust yourself to the Blessed Virgin, but you do everything you have to do. It is about seeking divine grace and -jointly- educating the will in virtue.