Magic, technique and ancient wisdom
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

There Is a text by C.S. Lewis in his work "The Abolition of Man" which retains a surprising topicality. It Is Used to distinguish between two great ways of dealing with human existence. These are his words:

"There Is something that unites the magic and applied science and separates both of the wisdom from previous times. For The Ancient Wise men, the cardinal problem was how to adapt the soul to reality, and the solution was knowledge, self-discipline, and virtue. For the magical and Applied science, the problem is how to adapt reality to the desires of man: and the solution is a certain technique; And both, applying this technique, are prepared to do things that had hitherto been considered lackadaisical and ungodly, such as digging up and mutilating the dead. “


If we consider that this work was published in 1944 and we remember the terrible military "progress" used then to provoke the death of thousands of civilians, as well as the fact that the following year the technique managed to accelerate the end of the Second World War with The use of two atomic bombs, we notice to what extremes the desire to control the world can come.


If we also see how technological instruments have provoked forms of slavery (dependence) on millions of people, unable to calmly confront a new day if the mobile battery, car engine or electric current does not work well, we feel that something very serious characterizes our restless modern time.


If to add another surprising fact, the "crisis" of the religions is accompanied in not few places by an increase of the recourse to witchcraft, magic, esotericism, Pseudoterapéuticas techniques, use of stones declared like magnetic, and so many other practices of the Huge New Age Galaxy and related, are we not before a world that has lost wisdom?

For Lewis, and so many sages of the past and the present, technical knowledge is not everything, nor does it allow everything, nor does it fix everything. It Is true that the lines of a particular text, like this one that now writing, run fast from one screen to other thanks to modern technology, but it is also true that no text on any screen is sufficient to cure the sorrows of a heart that does not find Sen Meaning of his life.

So, in the face of the mentality, you are looking for, at all costs, change and dominate the world ("You will be like gods", according to the lie of the old enemy), we need to rediscover the mentality of the sages who put limits to the unbridled desire of power, to possess, to control, To adopt concrete ways of life open to God and others.

Thus we can imitate the example of Paul of Tarsus, who abandoned his fanatical projects as a persecutor of Christians to accept the faith in Jesus the Galileo, and then invite the believers to a new way of life: "And do not acomodéis the world presently, before well transformed by the renewal of your mind, so that you can distinguish what is the will of God: The good, the pleasant, the perfect "(Rm 12.2 3).