Towards the ultimate goal
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

Life takes place from close goals that throw us towards farther goals. So the question arises: Is there any definitive goal? 

Because we can not walk like the one who continually leaves behind something already exceeded and moves towards the new, without in the end a goal gives meaning to everything. 

If this ultimate goal exists, it must fill the good aspirations of every human being and allow justice to come true for all.

The world we live in is hurt by so many injustices, failures, illnesses, frustrations, sins. 

Only If on the horizon there is a goal that puts everything in its place, that reward the good, that punishes the bad, that purify and rescues the repentant, life will have its full meaning.

The aspiration to a definitive goal is linked to the belief in a God that welcomes every human being, that allows the complete triumph of good, that rescues those who have suffered so many and so many injustices. 

Looking toward the goal and accepting the judgment of God leads us to rethink provisional options that we discover as wrong, useless, even unjust and sinful. 

At the same time, it impels us to sharpen the mind and the heart to open ourselves to mercy, to justice, to the truth, to beauty, to the love that gives meaning to every stage and decision of our way. 

This day is woven with small or large goals. They will be harmful if they turn me away from the ultimate goal and lock me in the selfishness of the dwarfed hearts. They will be beneficial if they allow me to grow in the love of God and the brothers...