The great gift of memory
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Por: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Fuente:

With memory, we learn. What we've learned, we act. This is how we live together with many people as we practice a thousand daily tasks. 

It is an immense gift of memory. So great, that from it we remember names, dates, places, keys, Internet pages.

Modern technology manages to produce devices much more precise and faster than the fragile human memory. But even those data make sense if they are accepted or rejected from human minds who remember or forget them. 

St. Augustine, in his "Confessions", noted the mysteries of this human dimension, which also suffers by the limits (when we do not remember something that interests us), and is happy for their successes.

Memory allows us to speak one or more languages, to understand what they tell us, to manifest to others what we think and want. And that simple communicative dimension is a cause for admiration and gratitude.

Memories of the past are In memory. Some intense: We can evoke them almost as we live in their time, or even with added emotions over time. 

Other Memories are overshadowed, as buried by more recent facts that capture our attention and that "occupy", according to the metaphor of St. Augustine, more "space" in our interior.

Among those memories are those of those beings thanks to which we exist. Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents: back and forth, in generations, memory reaches more or less defined borders. 

One of those beings, the most important, the most loving, the most creative, is God. Because also the memory can keep alive in our heart the data that explains and justifies all our human existence: from God we come and to God we go.

Yes: Memory is a great gift. We Can use it to run to the good we need, to call a friend in need, to appreciate the benefits received from a relative, to arrive on time to the appointment this afternoon.

With our memory, we're still on our way. Because she also allows us to look forward, supported by what the past has left in our hearts, and in the hope that the ultimate triumph is in the hands of a good, righteous and merciful God.